About Hatsie


I’m Hatsie. See Hatsie is the place where you can see me cook the food I love, make fun things, go awesome places, and generally do the things that inspire me.

See Hatsie was born out of a love of writing about and sharing the things that inspire me and make me tick.  I’ll warn you now, most of those things are food.  When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll see me travel, you’ll see me take on new projects, you’ll see me try new things and set new goals and you’ll see me make copious amounts of lists.

You may have met me before, over on a blog called Two Recipes.  Four years ago, I pressed “publish,” vowing to challenge myself not only to a cooking regimen, but a writing one as well.  It started as a resolution, a craving for a project, and evolved into something I loved and cared for and nurtured.

As Two Recipes grew, so did I, and after thinking about and planning for how I wanted Two Recipes to evolve, I finally chiseled down to the core of what I want out of my corner of the internet.

Here it is:  I want to tell stories.  I want to write stories about food, about places, about family and friends, and about the silly things my cat does.  So, here I am.

Where do you come in?  I hope See Hatsie is informative, inspiring, helpful, funny, and sometimes a good distraction from whatever it is you’re doing.  Yeah, I want to distract you.  It’s how you know I care.

Hey, come see.


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