Creativity Every Day

Where I’ve Been, or Adventures with Veterinarians


Hey!  It’s been over a month!  Let me explain.

A month ago or so, Buck got into the trash, ate something that made him very sick, went to the vet, was sent home from the vet, went back to the vet, had surgery, was sent home from the vet, went back to the vet, was sent home, went back, stayed for 3 days, finally came home for good, wore a cone for 10 days, and took up every single ounce of brain power and emotional strength this very emotional person had.

Buck’s health cleared up and my stomach unclenched about the same time our first anniversary came around.  We stayed in Dallas for the weekend, had so much fun walking and eating and drinking and celebrating our life together.  It was wonderful and much needed after the couple of weeks we had.  Buck stayed with mom and dad, and Tyson (remember Tyson?  Big black cat with a wonky ear?) stayed home because he’s a cat and low maintenance right?  Well.

When we got home Tyson was acting incredibly hungry but that’s not necessarily out of the ordinary, especially if we’ve been away.  It had been over two years since he’d seen a vet, and he’s 10 this year (no, I don’t want to talk about it thanks) so I figured even if he seemed fine a check up wouldn’t be the worst thing.  They did a full “senior cat” work up.  Everything very routine.  Everything very normal.

Four days later the results came back which informed us that Tyson has diabetes.

So, it’s been a zoo.

We changed his food and are monitoring him, hoping against all hope that the food lowers his blood sugar naturally and we don’t have to resort to insulin, and Buck is fine now, gaining weight and getting more and more active.  Through all of this See-Hatsie was low on my list of priorities.

Once things calmed down the last few weeks I had some time to think about why I wasn’t feeling like I wanted to jump right back into this.  I love writing here; if I didn’t I wouldn’t think about it every day.  But I do not love the rest.  I’m not a photographer, and I don’t spend my days thinking about things I love and buy and want to share with you, and I don’t think you’d even care because who am I to tell you what to consume?

What I do care about is creativity.  I care deeply about art, about the written word, about being an artist and living a creative life.  In all of the hustle and bustle of the last month one thing that didn’t waver was my morning practice of writing.  I still woke up an hour early every day and created something.  What I was really doing was clinging for dear life to a lifeline that I know I can’t let go of again.

So here’s the great thing.  This isn’t school.  There isn’t anyone telling me what a blog should or shouldn’t be.  If I don’t want to think about the rest, then I just won’t.  I’m going to talk about and share with you the things that are lighting my fire right now.  Creative exploration, artists, conversations, questions–if it makes me think, makes me grow, changes my perspective or nurtures a creative spirit that can at sometimes feel like a wounded animal I’m going to share it here.  If it speaks to you, then maybe you share it elsewhere.

This notion of creativity and wanting something more keeps coming up in my daily life and conversations so I don’t think it’s just me.  If it is then this will serve as a diary of creative growth.  If it isn’t, then I hope this can be a place to share creativity and in turn breed creativity.  I think goodness begets goodness.  We’ll see.

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