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Supper Club: Introduction


This is very exciting.  Today I’m launching a new series on where a guest writer, that lady up there, my mother, will be sharing something that she’s been working on lately and something that I’m very proud of.  I could go on and on about her, about how much I admire her, how much I want to be just like her, how creative she is and how talented she is, but I won’t need to.  I’m going to let her do that and you’ll see.  So without further blabbering, meet Alicia, my mom.

Hello!  A quick rundown of what brought me to this space:

  1. I, like Hatsie, worked through the 12 weeks to unlock my creative dreams through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Doing the morning pages has been transformative, that is for sure.  No secret is left unturned.  No prayer is left unwritten.  It’s a safe spot to write things like, “Lord, bless my efforts as I show up at the page.”
  2. For yes, I am writing. I am a card-carrying member of the club, “I have a book in me.”  Always have been.  In fact, the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet is full of unfinished books.  (To my kids who will clean out that drawer some day, surprise!)  But this time, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will complete one.  So I’ve also prayed every morning,  “Lord, give me the grace to be a beginner.”
  3. Then, I told myself for a while–maybe a month–that my deepest desire was simply to finish the book, regardless of whether anyone ever read a word of it.
  4. Meanwhile, Hatsie wrote the post about truth and fear, and pushed “publish.” That’s when my lie cracked open. I spoke that revelation to her. “Hatsie, it’s a lie I need to stop telling myself.  The truth is, I want to be read.”
  5. So one night, she told K that dream of mine, and his thoughtful feedback was to post on as a guest contributor.  I let this idea settle.
  6. Next, I joined a collective and powerful project on Instagram called #the100dayproject, which urges people to find their own thing, do that thing every day, then post their daily thing on Instagram using the hashtag.  Thus, my #100dayswithmyfirstdraft was born.  The wildest thing is that I’ve gotten the most delightful feedback from people.  I’ve even had a few people question who is whom, and tell me they look forward to meeting my other characters.
  7. Now, I believe God wastes nothing.  I believe He drops in unexpectedly from time to time to open my eyes to something new.  Some people call this “coincidence.”  JC calls it “synchronicity.”  Either way, one day not too long ago I was reading the Mitford Bedside Companion, by Jan Karon, who remains one of my favorite authors.  I was reminded of her early days when she quit a lucrative advertising career to write.  She sold everything, moved to a tiny North Carolina town, and it was there she had a dream about her main character, Father Tim.  So she started writing.  Soon, she discovered that she wanted to be read (question:  is that universal then?) and went to her local newspaper, circulation very few.  She submitted a weekly article about Fr. Tim and his comings and goings, and realized, after two years of submitting stories, she had written a book.  That got me to thinking…

What if, I imagined, I used this space, so graciously offered by Hatsie, as a place to share my story every once in a while? What if you met my characters, who are playing in my head even now, as I type.  My story has a beginning, a middle and an ending.  It has setting, dialog, a quasi-protagonist, an arc, and finally, a resolution.  What I don’t have is someone to read it.

That’s where comes in.  Are y’all game?

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