See Hatsie List

What I Did Instead of Writing


Today, instead of writing I…

  • planned and color coded our entire year of travel on a printable calendar.
  • got all of my inboxes to zero by deleting thousands of emails.
  • unsubscribed to marketing emails.
  • deep-cleaned the entire house.
  • created a new workout routine by which I run sprints back and forth between the fences in my backyard while my dog chases me with a giant stuffed duck in his mouth.
  • listened to two podcasts.
  • prepared dinner.
  • shopped multiple sales.
  • snacked.
  • texted with friends about art that other people have done.
  • Instagrammed.
  • reconciled my credit card and bank statements.
  • walked Buck around the block.
  • refilled Tyson’s food dispenser even though it wasn’t empty.
  • started a load of laundry.
  • applied a face mask.
  • put that load of laundry in the drier.
  • went through my backup list of blog post ideas; scrapped them all.
  • sorted through our stack of mail.
  • put away all the errant cords and chargers we have laying around.
  • Facebooked.
  • decided something was better than nothing and sat down and wrote this list.


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