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Looking Back: March 2018


March came in like a lion and went out like a lion, if that phrase refers to how busy a person is and not the weather.  The weather was pretty mild and the fact that we didn’t have that many storms is kind of odd, actually.

Anyway, I was busy is what I’m trying to say.  Good busy, though!  Between the two of us, K and I traveled 3 out of the 4 weekends in March, so there was a lot of coming and going.  I love to travel and I love to come home.  I’m looking forward to some calmer weekends ahead.

Before we jump right into April, though, let’s look back.

Inspired By:


  • Long talks with close friends, the kind of talks where you cover every little thing.
  • Voting.
  • The people I met at The Artist’s Way workshop in New York.
  • Desert flowers, specifically the abundant bougainvillea bushes in Scottsdale.


  • Thor: Ragnarok.  It was really good!  I laughed at Jeff Goldblum’s character the whole time.
  • Sneaky Pete.  I’m just starting this one, but so far I like it!  It’s on Amazon if you want to check it out.
  • Lots of Jeopardy.  Typically K and I like to play a little darts and listen to a little music in the evenings before dinner, but the puppy has made this slightly difficult.  Instead we’ve been catching up on Jeopardy backlogs and spending more time outside, knowing that Buck will eventually grow up and we’ll be back to throwing darts in no time.
  • Last Week Tonight.  He’s very good.
  • This Is Us.  I caught up/finished the current season while K was out of town and while I do love that show, watching them back to back made me wonder: how is there so much drama that even a bachelorette weekend in Vegas ends up in tears?  Its Vegas!  Do the Pearson’s literally never have a good day?


  • Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. I finished this one right after I posted about it in the last Looking Back.  Oh man, this book.  It haunts me still.
  • Vincent and Theo by Deborah Heiligman.  I’m actually listening to this book, and I like it.  It’s a deep dive into the relationship between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo, and I appreciate the details.
  • Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.  I started this on the plane on our way to Scottsdale this weekend at the recommendation of my mom.  So far, I like it!
  • The Artist’s Way.  I finished it!  All twelve weeks!

Thinking About:


  • Our one year anniversary.
  • Creativity every day.
  • Reworking my exercise routine.
  • Blogging for the fun of it.
  • The color of brand new leaves on trees as I drive to work.
  • Sunday baking rituals.

Listening to:

  • Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard (podcast).
  • American History Tellers Season 2 (another podcast).
  • Electric Light Orchestra, specifically this song.  It’s so fun.
  • Yacht Rock.  It’s getting to be Yacht Rock season, ya’ll!  To me that means listening to smooth 70’s jams while sitting outside sipping a cold beverage.  If I’m dressed like the lady in this video, even better.

Eating + Drinking:


  • Wine, per usual, but a lot less often.  It’s not fun waking up early with the puppy after I’ve stayed up too late and had one too many glasses because Buck does not care at all.  Rude, but realistic.
  • Food that makes me feel good.  And by good, I mean healthy.  And by healthy, I mean not sick and not tired.
  • Vacation decadence.  I’m talking frozen fruity drinks pool side, steaks, truffle mac and cheese, beignets, and wine.  So much wine.
  • Everything in moderation (see items 2 and 3).


This month was a whirlwind of travel!  We were all over the place.

  • I spent a night in Abilene with Amy.
  • I went to New York with my mom to attend The Artist’s Way workshop.
  • K and I went to Scottsdale, Arizona for an early birthday trip.  Post coming soon!

2018 Check In:

I have a post planned soon all about my 2018 goals and bucket list, but until then, here’s a quick update.

  • This month I checked off my list: I finished The Artist’s Way 12 week program and I voted in the Texas primaries!
  • My overarching goals went like this: I worked more towards a daily creative practice, but less on my exercise practice.  I’m learning that my routine looks different these days and I need to figure out how to work 45 minutes of movement into this new outlook.  It will happen, and I’m giving myself some grace, but I do miss it.

Best Moment:


  • Buck’s training progress!  (he’s such a clever boy)
  • NYC with Mom!
  • Sleepover with Amy!
  • Scottsdale with K!

Looking Forward:

I added a new place to list all the things I’m anticipating in the coming month.  I love having things to look forward to.

  • K’s birthday!
  • Going to a comedy show!
  • Planning our one-year anniversary!


And that’s March.  Bring it, April!

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