Friday Download

Friday Download No. 4

I’m currently thirty thousand feet above what is probably New Mexico on my way to a relaxing weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona to celebrate K’s birthday, which is Wednesday.  I know it seems like I jet-set all over the country but I don’t, at least not usually this back-to-back.  Nevertheless I’m excited to enjoy the desert scenery and a new place.

My Week Week Was Lovely BecauseIMG_4883

  • Mom and I had a wonderful and inspiring weekend in New York last weekend at the Artist’s Way Workshop. I talked all about the workshop here but also it needs to be noted and shared that the nicest people live in New York.  We were so well taken care of, from waiters and bartenders to the people we passed on the street.  At one point on Sunday night at dinner, after the bartender came over to “top us off because our waiter got pulled to a large table and he didn’t want us to feel neglected” I said to Mom that I felt like we must be on some hidden camera show about how people react to kindness.  With gratitude, if you were wondering.
  • Coming home to K, Buck, and Tyson. I love to travel, and it was a common theme in all the writing prompts that I wrote last weekend, but I sure do love to come home.
  • I am finishing my third Bullet Journal this weekend. I get so much joy from finishing a blank journal cover to cover.  I don’t know what that says about my psyche or my personality but it’s my favorite thing.  My new journal is bright yellow and I’m using bright bold colors and I’m excited to get started.

This Weekend I’m Looking Forward To:


  • Technically this isn’t “looking forward to” because I’m currently wearing them, but I bought overalls and decided to keep them and decided to wear them in public. Are they the most flattering thing I’ve ever worn?  Absolutely not.  Are they comfortable and fun and do they make me feel like my best middle-school self and bohemian-artist simultaneously?  Yes.
  • After we check into our hotel, we’re heading into Phoenix for a D-backs game tonight. I love to go to new ballparks, mostly because K loves to go to new ballparks and I like to experience them with him.  We’re going to check out Pizzeria Bianco beforehand, which pizza purists make pizza pilgrimages to, so I’m very excited to try it.
  • Relaxing by the pool with a good book. I just finished Good Me Bad Me which was good but seriously disturbing.  I’m looking forward to starting something a little more lighthearted and less nightmare inducing.

This Inspired Me:


  • I am not a brunch fan, but I took this picture because the handwriting and lettering is superb. I love studying handwriting and one of my favorite things on Instagram is to watch calligraphers.  I saw this sign and immediately tried to replicate the design, and this video on Instagram from @Annerobincallig using her monoline technique opened up a whole new obsession for me.  I love how loopy it is!

You Should Check Out:


  • The 100 Day Project with thousands of participants. I love that it celebrates creativity every day, and with the hashtag #100dayproject, that they created a community of like-minded creatives that cheer each other on.  I’m going to participate this year, and I’m going to try something a little out of left field: poetry! I’m challenging myself to write 5 lines of poetry every day for 100 days.  I figure after 100 days I’ll either love poetry and want to learn more, or I’ll have 500 lines of poetry, documenting and cataloguing 100 days of living on this earth.  If you want to join me, it starts April 3rd!


I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend and get a chance to marvel at something beautiful.  That we should all be so fortunate, right?  As always, thanks for being here.

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