Friday Download / See Hatsie List

Friday Download No. 1

It’s Friday and it’s finally, finally sunny where I am.  I couldn’t be happier about this because my soul needs blue sky, but also because I’m really tired of hosing off muddy puppy feet every 30 minutes, as it has rained almost every single day since we brought Buck home.

I’m starting a little series called the Friday Download.  You’ll see what went on in my week, what I’m looking forward to, what inspired me this week, and something I like that I think you should check out too.  I hope you all have a great weekend and if it’s sunny where you are, are able to get outside and tilt your face towards the light.

My Week Was Lovely Because


For when you’re a bear in France.

  • I’m learning French.  I signed up for/downloaded a free app called Duolingo and am learning French!  It’s set up like a game and at 10 minutes a day, really fun.  I’m learning key phrases like je suis un ours which I hope someday I can use organically because what a confusing conversation.
  • I connected with some of you over Bullet Journaling and Morning Pages!  One of the main reasons I wanted to come back to is to connect authentically, so it seriously makes me happy to talk to you about paper.
  • I trained Buck to shake hands.  He picked it up pretty quickly but now does this adorable thing where if I’m holding a treat but don’t immediately give it to him, he flaps his arm around–even if I don’t say “shake”–and in my mind he’s screaming “ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?  DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?” But in a puppy voice and it makes me laugh and laugh.

This Weekend I’m Looking Forward To


  • Sunny weather.  I’m going to take Buck on as many walks as he’ll allow.  That dog needs to be tired out, and I need Vitamin D.
  • Spending Saturday with my Amy and her sweet family in Abilene.  We’ve had a sleepover planned for about a month and have had to postpone it twice now, so I couldn’t be happier that we’re finally getting together.  We’re going to talk and laugh and paint and it’s going to be so much fun.
  • Dinner out with K tonight.  We’re going to a new place on our little town’s Town Square and I’m looking forward to good food and BYOW(ine).

This Inspired Me


There are flowers everywhere for those who really want to see them. – Henri Matisse


You Should Check Out


Jamie Beck on Instagram.  She is a photographer currently living in Provence, France and her work is stunning.  In her Instagram stories she walks her viewers through the process of setting up, capturing, and editing her work.  It’s fascinating because I don’t know really anything about fine art photography and she makes it really accessible.  I love anyone who lives and breathes their creative work and her passion and willingness to be open and take risks makes me feel like I can also be open and take risks.  Her authenticity and candidness with the sometimes intimidating and soul-sucking world of Instagram solidifies my hunch that the internet is full of people who are earnest and passionate and looking for connection if you know where to look.  Her account is a delight and currently my very favorite thing to look at online.

Have a wonderful, restful, fun weekend, friends.  And as always, thank you for being here!

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