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List: Life Lately



Let’s ease back into this.  Conventional blogging wisdom (if that’s even a thing) says that one should blog every day, or at least on a schedule, that one should have a clear focus for each post, filled with search engine friendly words, and that one should never talk about blogging on said blog.

I’m breaking all the rules.  Because I want to!

Life has looked very different lately.  First, I don’t currently have a kitchen, so I’m not currently cooking, unless nuking Annie’s organic white cheddar instant mac and cheese counts.  It’s delicious, and it doesn’t.

We’ve somewhat settled in a little town outside of Ft. Worth, but are currently living in a La Quinta with a great weekly rate but still, no kitchen.  It’s an exercise in silver lining searching, and I’m better for that, but still, I miss my stuff.  I’m learning about the importance of not now, but soon.  



I spend a lot of time on two-lane highways and in small little towns with grand courthouses like the one you see above.  The highways are flanked with pastures and ranches and are dotted with small towns through which one has to slow down.  Every once in a while there’s a house.  There are lots of dogs and more cattle.  I’m enamored with the cows; sometimes they’re spread far and wide, sometimes they’re clumped together.  Sometimes they’re sleeping in the corner by the fence, and today, they were completely lined up in an almost straight line, eating.  Always eating.

I had forgotten just how big the sky was here, and how intensely the color can change from bright blue to almost white to ominously gray to periwinkle, when a storm is just on the horizon.  It’s calming; there’s plenty of room for your eye to wander, and not a lot of people on the highway, which is good for all wandering eyes.  A morning drive through wide open Texas washes away any bad mood I may have had waking up in a hotel room with weak coffee.  I’m not perfect at the silver lining thing yet, but I’m working on it.



K had a birthday, and we celebrated in Dallas for the weekend.  We did what I’m going to call “Dallas things” meaning we did all of the things that I’ve seen people who live in Dallas post through various social media outlets.  We actually got out and walked, although the doorman at the hotel looked at us dubiously when we said we were “just going out for a walk.”  He really wanted to call us a cab.  And actually finding the walking trail we were headed for proved much more difficult than the Internet promised.  We soaked up lots of sunshine and ate great food and otherwise relaxed.  He was well celebrated, as he should be.




The Wisteria bloomed at my parents’ house for the first time this Spring and the scent was more intoxicating than the view.  We’ve spent some time over there, enjoying their kitchen and their comfortable couch.  Tyson stayed there for about a month or so, and as you can see, settled in just fine.  His routine usually consisted of that, with a little bird watching mixed in throughout the day if he was feeling energetic.

It’s so nice being close enough to head over there for dinner, or for the night, or weekend, or for the couch and the kitchen.

I stayed there during the end of last week and cooked every night.  Simple things: spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and cajun shrimp boil.  It wasn’t at all about what I was cooking and entirely about turning on a burner and filling a pot with water.

My writing class is halfway over and it’s going okay.  I like the assignments, but turns out it takes more than an Internet class to begin the habit of writing every day.  I’m working on it, which it to say I’m doing the work.  No one else can do it for me, not even an online Internet class.  Did you know that to be a writer, you have to sit down and write?  You do!



Everything in Texas is 45 minutes away.  Everything!  I spend a lot of time in my car.  One day I googled “what to do in Rockwall, TX on a nice day” and found a little winery called San Martino under 45 minutes away from my parents’ house!  K, my mom and I spent the afternoon there and met a horse who was very friendly but plagued with mosquitos.  Mom walked right up to him and put her hand out and he walked right up to her and smelled it to see if it contained food.  He had a miniature friend who was less sure about us, but maybe that’s just because he didn’t have a foot of heigh on us like his friend.



I’m constantly vigilant about snakes.  I thought about them and where they were hiding and living and waiting for me almost the entire time we drank this wine.  I wouldn’t say it’s effecting my quality of life, but I would say, without question, that if a snake is in the vicinity, it is not going to sneak up on me.  Oh, let’s hope.

What else?

La Quinta, horses, (NO!) snakes, a happy kitchen, wide horizons and narrow highways, and lots and lots of driving.  That’s what’s been happening lately.

I’ve got some stuff to share with you soon, and I will!  Until then, what’s up with you?


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