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List: 4 Things to do After Daylight Savings Time



If you ask me, undoubtedly the best thing about the month of March is that we spring forward and get to enjoy much more sunshine in our days.  I thrive on sunshine; from the moment I wake up, facing my window, I can see either bright blue sky or dreary gray, and while it’s not the deciding factor for my day, blue sky is always a good sign.

Tomorrow night we’ll set our clocks and wake up to a Sunday full of sunshine (hopefully) which will extend into our evenings.  Maybe that sunshine will even melt off some of this snow?  Is that hoping too much?

In preparation for this lovely thing that happens every Spring, I’ve put together a list of things you can do now that the sun doesn’t go down before 5pm.

Here are 4 things to do after Daylight Savings Time:

1. Take a walk after work.  I guess you could do this any time, but doesn’t it feel like you’re squeezing out all the day has to offer when you do something, in daylight, after work?  Either that or it feels like you skipped out early.  Both are great.

2. Take pictures of your dinner.  Make them look fantastic.  I don’t do this as a full time job, and the food I post here is the food we actually eat, and we eat at normal dinner times.  That means that in the winter, if I’m photographing a recipe for you the pictures typically aren’t going to win any prizes.  Food, as most everything else, loves natural light.

3. Start your weekend activities a little bit later.  Embrace the madrileno lifestyle and start–and end–your weekend days later.  Nothing in Madrid starts until at least noon, and nothing ends until at least 7pm.  Do that.

4. Do whatever you do in the evening, outside.  If you enjoy a glass of wine while reading, do that outside.  If you like listening to music, do that outside.  If after work is your time to catch up and connect with friends or loved ones, head outside.  Enjoy that sunshine!


What are you looking forward to doing after Sunday?  Just the thought of taking a late evening stroll is putting a smile on my face today!

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