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List: Sunday Reading


Happy Sunday, friends!  That big guy up there sadly has been under the weather for the past day or so.  He got into some cut flowers and so we took him to the animal hospital yesterday and they recommended keeping him for a couple of days.  Did you know lilies are seriously poisonous to cats?  I do now.  According to the vet he seems to be doing good, but it still makes me sad thinking of him all alone there.  Poor little Tyson.

Other than that, we’re gearing up to watch the Oscars tonight (our ballots are all filled out–anything can and will be a contest in this house) and I’ve got a pot roast in the crockpot.  It’s nice to be home!

Here’s what I found particularly distracting on the internet this week.

  1. A day in the food-life of Joy the Baker!  This feeds all my nosy-rosy tendencies.
  2. I adore Stanley Tucci.
  3. Me:  Jiffy cornbread–always.  Hidden Valley Ranch dressing packets, with gusto and without shame.  And Nestle Tollhouse cookies, because yum.  
  4. After just coming back from 10 days abroad, this article was extremely timely and really interesting.  I think I’m a better observer because my high school art teacher encouraged us to stop and sketch on my first trip to Europe.  It forces one to slow down and look.  
  5. Microsoft Paint!

Hope you all have a fantastic week and a restful Sunday!

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