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Drink: My Favorite Red Wines at Every Price


My grandfather used to say the best wine is your favorite wine.  Price doesn’t matter, nor does notoriety–if it’s good to you, it’s good wine.

I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite bottles at different price points for some time but haven’t gotten around to it because I wanted to provide variety.  Truth is, though, I’m not much of a fan of white wine.  Sorry.  If any of you are, though, please do share your recommendations in the comments.  It’s probably better than the three different types of Chardonnay I’d recommend for no reason.

Red wine, though, is something I can talk about.  Usually, I have a couple of lower priced bottles around for enjoying with dinner at home, and I like to have some nicer bottles on hand if I’m bringing a host gift to someone or am having company.  Finally, there are the nice bottles that are saved for special occasions, like the bottle I brought to Key West even though it made my suitcase entirely too heavy.

Here are three different red wines, at three different price points.  Hopefully there is something for everyone!  Unless you like white wine.  Then, again, I’m sorry.

Low: Ergo Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

I call this my house red.  It’s delicious and smooth and at $10.99 a bottle, it doesn’t break the bank.  It’s not too sweet, not too dry, not too heavy.  It’s just right.

Medium: Hess Allomi Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley, California

I love Cabernet and this one is a good one.  I like Hess and you can find the label at different price points, but this one is special and would be a nice thing to take to or serve at a dinner party.

High: VGS Chateau Potelle ZinfandelMount Veeder, Napa Valley, California

This is my wine club!  We had a perfect tasting at their tasting room in Napa Valley and while the food, the sommelier, and the atmosphere were lovely, the wine is what stuck with me.  Like I said, this is special occasion wine, and oh how special it is.


This list is not complete, but I hope it gives you something to try.  That Ergo really is fantastic.  What are your favorite wines?  Anything I should know about?  Maybe something that is white and isn’t Chardonnay?  Help please!

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