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Travel: Checking in from Madrid


Hola!  Checking in from Madrid!  We’ve been here close to two days now and have divided that time equally between walking until we can’t walk anymore, and sleeping to combat jet lag.  The former is so awesome I can’t stand it, and the latter is a struggle.

We’ve seen the Palacio Real and eaten tapas on tapas and talked and laughed.  We’ve solved the world’s problems twice, and by the end of our trip I’m certain that we’ll have this whole life thing figured out.

Initial reactions and impressions:

  • Tapas are delicious.  I love a culture that understands so fully the connection between enjoying a beverage with friends and enjoying a snack with friends.  All beverages should be served with snacks.
  • There’s a lot of meat, potatoes, and cheese and I’ve yet to see anything green.  Not complaining.
  • I do not in any way speak Spanish.  This has been an interesting bump in the road, as everything is in Spanish.  And yes, I realize where I am.

We’ve got a lot more coming up this week, including but not limited to art museums, a reservation at the oldest restaurant in the world (according to Guinness Book of World Records!) and a tour of the surrounding wine country.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Stick around, I’ve got a lot of posts planned for you this week, and I’ll be dropping back in to give a few Spanish updates.  Have a good week, friends!  And if you’re expecting snow, I’m sorry, and also, be safe!

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