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List: Sunday Reading


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Happy Sunday everyone! The weather here is dismal; it’s somehow raining and freezing which means no pretty snow but all of the dangerous ice. Other than that, though? It’s been a pretty nice day. And you?

It’s been a while since I posted a list so I’ve got a lot of goodies for you today! Have a relaxing evening and a energetic start to your week.

Here’s what I found particularly interesting on the Internet this week.

1. A comprehensive list of what to keep in your pantry. Even if you haven’t been grocery shopping, you can still make a meal!
2. Awesome things to do on a Sunday. This ones almost over, but maybe next week?
3. I like Pinterest and really haven’t experienced any of that Pinterest envy, but it’s a slippery slope. This article is fantastic.
4. 2015 is the year of travel. Dreamy indeed.
5. I really am only putting this here so I can remember to make it. Also, little brother, you’re welcome.
6. They finally opened it!
7. I like the idea of concentrating on one word to encompass your new year. What would your word be?
8. I told you. Wanderlust.
9. I just started reading Hemingway after touring his home in Key West, and in preparation for my trip to Madrid. His writing makes me feel exhilarated.
10. Is that really all it takes? Makes you think.

Have a good week friends!

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