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Wear: My Beauty Favorites – Right Now


Let’s talk Winter beauty.  When the temperatures drop to below freezing, and the heat inside is cranked up so that you can feel your toes at all times, not just sometimes, a necessary change is needed for beauty routines.

I’ve mentioned before that my day-to-day routine is pretty simple.  It has to be.  Any thing that takes longer than about five minutes will fall by the wayside, even if I do have the best intentions and even if everyone swears by it.  You can rest assured that these products that I’m going to tell you about are quick, they’re effective, and they’re simple.  If they weren’t, they would have already been retired to the dreaded “under the sink cabinet,” where all good intentions grow dusty and expired.

Most of my favorites right now are simply to combat dry skin.  With the extreme temperatures, hot and stuffy inside and bitterly cold outside, my skin takes a beating.  These products have helped keep my skin feeling less like an elephant and more like a living, breathing human.  There are also a few miscellaneous products that I’m using now and loving.  They range from hair products to staving off cold and flu germs.  Health is beauty, right?  Right.


Winter skin.  As much as I love the style choices of cold weather (give me a scarf over shorts any day), my skin disagrees.  However, I have found a few things that have helped.  My favorite discovery of late is Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub.  About once a week I take a long, hot bath, and then scrub this stuff all over.  I can tell a difference in the feel of my skin instantly.  It sloughs off any rough, dead skin and leaves even the toughest, driest, areas smooth and soft.

Immediately after using the body scrub, and also every morning and every night, I use Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion.  It’s pretty thick but it absorbs into my skin quickly, so it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy.  I love that it lasts for at least 12 hours.  I can put it on at night and my skin feels just as soft the next morning.  I’ve been using this for years, and I haven’t found a better moisturizer for my dry skin.

The last time I wrote about my beauty favorites, I talked about night cream.  While I still love the other, this Neutrogena Light Night Cream is wonderful for every night use.  It’s not as heavy as some night creams and doesn’t cause breakouts (for me, at least) but still leaves my skin feeling supple.

It seems like pale skin and dry skin go hand in hand.  I got a lot of color during my week on Key West, but I feel like the minute I got off that plane in New York, it was gone.  This St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse helps; it’s a little messy to apply but provides a really natural glow instead of the ultraviolet, fluorescent glow my skin usually gives off in January.  It’s not streaky or orange, it just looks healthy.  I bought a small size at Sephora before my trip, and can see myself using it into the Winter months.


The rest doesn’t really belong in a category, but deserves a mention nonetheless.  My FitBit Flex isn’t really a beauty product, but since I’ve started wearing it again I’ve had so much motivation to get up and get moving.  It’s like a competition with myself, plus there’s nothing better than when I hit my step goal and it does a little celebration.  I’m a simple creature.

The Detox Dry Shampoo from DryBar is also a favorite.  Dry shampoo really freaks K out, he thinks it’s really gross, but really it just gives my mane a little refresh between washes!  It’s not like I’m not also washing my hair with real shampoo!  Really!  (How’s that for convincing?)

I’m loving that deep garnet color this winter, especially on nails.  This is Essie Downtown Brown, which I bought a while ago, but this color is similar!  Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer is also great to have in your arsenal.  Put it on under any lip color and you’ll be set all day.  It’s kind of drying so I don’t use it every day, but it’s great for special occasions, like when we took family photos on vacation.

Finally, after thwarting not one, not two, but three different cold germs in the span of a week, I now swear by Halo Oral Antiseptic Spray.  It’s like antibacterial gel for your mouth, which is a weird thing to type, but I was around a lot of sick people recently and used this often and I didn’t so much as feel a tickle in my throat.  It could be in my head, but either way, it works.  And yes, healthy is beauty!



That’s about it!  These are the things that I’m swearing by in these cold, dark Winter months.  I’m so dramatic.  What are you using these days?  How are you keeping your skin from screaming from dryness?  I’d love to know!

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