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List: The Most Popular Posts of 2014

Popular Posts 2014

I mentioned yesterday that I’m doing some reflection this week in anticipation of my yearly resolutions coming this weekend.  I like to take some time to look back, take note, and celebrate the past year.  This blog was one of the biggest things I wanted to focus on this year and it went through a pretty big change, and not just in name.

When I started looking at the most popular posts from the past year, a lot of them fell along the main categories I’ve been writing about these past few months; there’s a favorite Cook post, a favorite List post, and a favorite Drink post.  I have loved looking back on all of the different things I’ve written about and love seeing what you all have found fun and helpful and sure, a little distracting.

These are them, the posts with the most views, by category.  I like them all and can’t wait to create more like them in the coming months!’s Most Popular Posts of 2014


Cook: Pulled Pork Sliders with Tangy Slaw This is kind of cheating because this pulled pork recipe is anything but new to this blog, however, I revamped it a little bit this year and served it on sliders and well, you all loved it!  And how can I blame you?  It’s the best thing I make, hands down.


Wear: So I Tried a Capsule Wardrobe.   I tried a capsule wardrobe last spring, where you pare down your closet to 37 pieces and only wear those pieces for 3 months.  I wrote about all of the things I learned from it, namely, that I don’t need so much stuff.  I also learned about style, shopping for what fits, and how sometimes it’s ok to take the main points of an idea and make them work for you.  37 pieces didn’t work for me exactly, but I was so inspired by what I got out of the experiment.


Write: Say Yes.  This year brought incredible challenges and opportunities and I learned a lot about myself from both.  This post is about the latter.  This post is about how even though most of the time I feel like an unqualified phony, saying yes is always the first step.  I learned that saying yes begins forward motion, and forward motion usually breeds more forward motion.  And at the end, the initial thing you said yes to turns into other things to say yes to and so on.


Travel: Lubbock TX.    I got to meet that stunner up there and not surprisingly, you all loved him.  How could you not?  That hair?  That face?  This is not a surprise.  (And this year, I get to meet his soon to be little brother.  I can’t wait!)


ReadThe Fault in Our Stars, Lean In, The Goldfinch.  I started writing about books I’ve read and loved and I have absolutely relished in talking about them with you and loved your feedback.  It’s like we have a book club, or at least it is to me.  I’ve got some great reads coming to you, one of which absolutely wrecked me when I finished it yesterday.  That’s the mark of a good book, you know?


Plan: Meal Planning 101.    I am going on year five of planning my meals every Sunday in a journal like above, and I wrote about some of the tips I use to get the most out of my grocery shopping, limit the amount of money I’m spending on food, and how I try to reduce the amount of food I buy that goes to waste.  This is one of my favorite weekly rituals, and I was glad you found it helpful too!


Party: How to Celebrate Your Birthday All Week Long.  This was sort of a tongue and cheek way of saying that I think you should celebrate your birthday any which way you want.  My family happens to celebrate birthday week, but really it should be about taking a moment out of your year to say, “Hey.  I’m glad I was born, and I’m going to be happy about that!”  It seems like you are on board, and that’s how I know we’re friends.



Move: Hudson Valley, NY.  This year also brought K and I to the Hudson Valley area of New York.  I absolutely love this area and have had such a wonderful time exploring the little towns and relishing in the beauty of the region.  Who knows what this next year has to offer, but I know that Hudson Valley will be pretty tough to beat.


List: 10 Recipes Perfect for Eating Outdoors.    The current temperatures are well below freezing so it’s kind of hard to think about food that I’d be eating outside, but you all loved the idea.  These recipes are great for gathering in the sunshine and are great for remembering what sunshine feels like in the cold weeks to come.  I’ve given you a lot of lists this year, but this was your favorite.


Drink: #Fancy Drink Friday – Kansas City Ice Water.  #FancyDrinkFriday is one of my favorite columns I’ve started this year, and Kansas City Ice Water was one of your favorite installments.  I’ve had a lot of fun creating different concoctions and sharing a little fanciness with you every week.  2015 is starting to look pretty fancy already….!


DIY: Patterned Tea Towels.    Crafting is admittedly not one of my strong suits, but I enjoyed taking on simple but fun projects this year.  They’re usually wrought with misadventure but you listen along anyway.  Thanks for bearing with me!


That’s it!  That’s what I’ve written about this year.  I’ve cooked, I’ve worn, I’ve written, I’ve traveled, I’ve read and planned and partied, I’ve moved and listed, drank and DIYed, and those are your favorites.  There are so many more that I absolutely loved, and so many more that I can’t wait to share this year!

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