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List: My 8 Favorite Recipes of 2014

Top 8 Recipes 2014


My foray into blogging started 5 years ago, a fact I just had to look up because I feel like it’s simultaneously been no more than a month and also like I’ve been doing this forever.  I started with a post on January 10, 2010 with one goal: to actually keep a resolution.  I wanted to get out of a rut, learn something new, and teach myself to cook.  And I did.

This year, I decided to expand my scope and drill down to why I really wanted to write.  I decided I wanted to tell stories, and to share the parts of my life that involved food, but also my love of everything else.  I created See Hatsie and have written about style, books, travel, and shared too many lists to count.

While food now shares the stage with many other interests, cooking, learning, and developing new recipes is still one of my favorite things to do.  I love that there is a space that I can come and gush over no-knead bread, or how life-changing roasting a chicken was.  I love that however hyperbolic I may be, I can imagine that you’re sitting there, just as excited as I am, about that mac and cheese.

So, let’s get excited, then!  In an effort to reflect on all the delicious things I ate this last year, here are, in no particular order, My 8 Favorite Recipes of 2014!


1. Super Green Juice.  I bought a juicer this year and experimented with green juices and pink juices and fresh juice cocktails, but this green juice was one of my favorite things because of how absolutely great I felt afterward.  Headaches were gone and my energy was through the roof–I guess there really is something to be said for the healing power of food.


2. Skillet Stuffed Jumbo Shells.  This was a riff on my skillet lasagne and was also one of the simplest things I made this year.  I love the texture of the jumbo shells and this cuts down the steps of actual stuffed shells made in a casserole tremendously.



3. No-Knead Bread.  This recipe is going to be how I become a person who always has fresh bread about.  It’s incredibly easy and really, really delicious.



4. Mussels in Tomato and White Wine Broth.   Mussels are one of my favorite things to order out, but making them at home was extra special.  It felt extremely luxurious and tasted really, really good, but most importantly, I learned how to make something new!



5. Sriracha + Chicken Shells and Cheese.    There is no good reason why this isn’t in my weekly rotation.  In fact, I’m making it tomorrow night with cauliflower because I remembered how much I loved it the first time.  The sriracha mixed with the rich cheese sauce is nothing short of heaven.



6. Classic Roast Chicken.    Talk about recipes that changed the way I cook; this simple but delicious recipe was made countless times this year.  I made it in a roasting pan, in a skillet, with potatoes, without, with different herbs, with olive oil, with butter, for soup, for sandwiches, for anything.  Bonus recipe: chicken stock.  The possibilities are actually endless.



7. Baked Creme Brulee French Toast.  When I originally posted this, I said I wanted this to be my birthday cake.  And it totally could have been.  Its really, really sweet and rich, but what a treat for a special brunch.



8. Browned Butter Chocolate Potato Chip Blondies.  A long name for a mind-blowing treat.  Salty.  Sweet.  Crunchy.  Chewy.  Rich.  These blondies hit every mark, ever, and should be made with caution.  You will need to give them away.  Trust me here.


It was a great year for food, and while I didn’t cook as much as I have in years past, I felt like I learned a lot and ate well.  In the year to come, I plan on cooking a lot more and expanding my recipe repertoire.  I think I could find at least 3 more uses for potato chips.

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