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Write: A List of 3 Unrelated Things


2015 came roaring in, and I happily welcomed it with my loved ones.  I took a couple of days off, soaking in the Key West sun and enjoying time doing exactly whatever I wanted.  I feel rejuvenated and inspired and ready to jump in.

I’ve got some recap posts planned this week, ending it with my annual 2014 report card, and finally my resolutions and intentions for 2015.  I’ve spent the last week or so thinking a lot about the last year, and what I want from the upcoming 360 days.  The reflection has been helpful, and I’m entering this year mindful of what I want out of my days–really want–and not spending time making promises or intentions about anything I’m not completely crazy about.

That said, I wanted to ease back into the blog this year, because I missed this space, and because I missed you all.  So with that said, here is a list of 5 Unrelated Things, simply because I just wanted to talk.

  1. K bought me a record player for Christmas along with 5 records, and I have this vision in my mind of me cooking dinner, sipping wine, and listening to records.  I want to be that person in 2015, and I will!  So far, I’ve got Billy Joel, Counting Crows, Simon and Garfunkel, The Band, and Elf, The Soundtrack.  That should do nicely.  Any other albums I must have?
  2. I was away from the needy cat for almost 10 days, and he has been stuck like glue to my side since I got home.  My first night back, he slept right next to me and every time I moved he purred even though he was sound asleep.  It sort of breaks my heart, but also makes me smile because he’s so very snuggly.
  3. Every day on my vacation I walked over 5 miles, without meaning to, just because I wanted to see things.  Yesterday I went for a walk around my complex, in two layers of clothes, a hat, and gloves.  It wasn’t quite the same but it was still nice to get some fresh air and see the fog settling over the Hudson.

Thanks for listening, and welcome, 2015.  I’m happy to see you!

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