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Wear: My Carry-on Essentials



Likely you, like me, are gearing up for some sort of travel in the next few days.  (Remember, travel could mean getting on a plane, or it could mean stepping out your front door!)  I have an exciting and much anticipated 10 days ahead of me; we’re off to New Jersey tomorrow to spend Christmas with K’s family, then we’re off to Key West with mine, to soak up sunshine and surf and all the other things that made Jimmy Buffet the man he is today.  I’m breaking out the white jeans and self-tanner, not at the same time, and going to try my very best to forget that winter exists.

I can’t wait.

Since my plans include plane travel, I thought it would be helpful, both for you who are also flying, and for me for future reference since I can’t seem to remember anything without a list, to show you what I consider a carry-on essential.  Some of these are no brainers–wallet and phone–and some are little luxuries, like those face wipes, but all of them will make your holiday travel a little nicer.


Here’s whats in my carry-on:

iPad, all charged up and loaded with books to read on the plane, during cozy down time, and on the beach.  I use my iPad like a kindle which saves my shoulders when shlepping through the airport, but also ensures that I’m never without some good reading material.  My phone is clearly essential, although on vacation, my goal is to only use it for Instagram occasions, wishing friends and family a Merry Christmas, and finally checking out what the podcast Serial is all about.  A charger for both iPad and iPhone is also essential, for obvious reasons.

A travel journal in a fun color and matching (best!) pens is essential to capture all of the little details one seems to forget with they’re mired in the January Slumps, but also to entice me to start writing on trips again.  Advil, for headaches.  A sample of hand lotion, so you don’t have to mess with security, and my favorite lip balm, because airplane air is bad and chapped lips are worse.


A deck of cards, which I rarely leave home without, makes certain that there’s always something to do.  It’s instant fun, portable.  My wallet, with my ID, is actually the only essential that TSA would agree with.  Say Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes, which are instantly refreshing, are a great and luxurious (feeling!  They’re only like $4 at CVS!) treat during a long flight.

A big blanket scarf is essential for cold flights but also if you’re leaving a place that’s 30 degrees and arriving at a place that is 75 degrees.  Layers, baby.  Glasses and sunglasses for seeing and shading.  I’m not above throwing on some shades on a plane to sleep.  I don’t care if I’m not that cool.

Computer and ear buds not pictured, because I can’t currently find my earbuds, and because the computer isn’t necessarily an essential, however I’m going to bring mine anyway, in case the blogging bug hits me and I have to tell you something super important.  


So, what are your carry-on essentials?  What am I missing?  No, really, I’m packing today and I feel like I’m missing something.

Happy, safe travels, friends!

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