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Travel: Thanksgiving in Maine


There aren’t many places that steal my heart and quicken my soul like Maine.  The clean, crisp air, the cool colors, the sandy beaches and piney woods, the sweet people and delicious, fresh, simple food all conspire to whisk me away to a place where one could only say, yes, I believe this is the way life should be.

We spent Thanksgiving in Maine this year and it was relaxing and rejuvenating and full of family and new friends and beautiful, breathtaking scenes.  We made Kennebunk our headquarters, and spent days lazily strolling the streets and sidewalks of the village, rosy cheeked and bundled up to our ears.  We took a drive up to Brooklin, a small town up north and saw incredible views along with places from K’s youth that I’d only heard about.

We ate well.  Lobsters, of course, but also mussels and clams and delicious shrimp.  We had a traditional turkey dinner, with lots of great conversation.  In the end I wondered why anyone, me included, would ever live anywhere else.

I’m glad there are places like Maine.  Here are a few scenes from our trip.












Maine, I’ll be back.

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