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Wear: Holiday Parties



This post may not be timely, as we’re racing through the holiday season (how?), and most of you have already seen any holiday parties you may have attended come and go, but for me, most of the holiday parties and events are still to come.  Luckily for you, anything that is good for a holiday party is good for a new years eve party, so even if you’ve swapped cookies or sipped champagne with your coworkers, stick around.

I love any opportunity to get festive, and there’s no better dressing in my mind than holiday dressing.  There’s just a little more glitz, a little more flare, and a plenty of bright colors.  Everyone unapologetically pulls out all the stops, and no one cares if you’re overdressed.  Strike that, there is no overdressed.

Depending on your holiday party needs, I’ve put together three looks, with three examples each, of things I would love to wear to a holiday party this year.  From formal gatherings, to fun gift exchanges with friends, to a family cook out or cookie swap at your friends house, these three looks will make you festive and fun and full of cheer.


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Full Skirt.  

Universally flattering and feminine without being too sweet, the full midi skirt is perfect for holiday gatherings.  It’s formal enough for a fancy party, but with a long sleeved shirt or sweater, you can cozy it up while you cozy up with a hot toddy.  Pairs well with stilettos, jewel tones are key, and will someone get me that tulle skirt?  My five-year-old self would die.


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Fancy Pants.  

I love the idea of a fancy pant with a dressed-down sweater for the holidays.  This would be great for a holiday cocktail party with friends or a fancy night on the town, seeing the festive sights.  It’s the perfect mix of cozy and glam, which are two things I want to be, simultaneously, this time of year.


1 / 2 / 3

Cozy Casual.

Just because you’re going over to your parents house to help them trim the tree, or spending the night in with girlfriends, sipping cocoa and eating cookies, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little holiday spirit.  These casual looks are perfect for just that.  They inject just a little bit of glitz in an otherwise casual outfit.


I’m thinking a mix of Fancy Pants and Cozy Casual will be the perfect fit for my plans, but what about you?  Any fancy parties planned?  Anything you can use here for upcoming NYE plans?  Let’s share closets!

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