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Gift Guide 2014: Travel

travel gift guide 2014

One of my favorite things to do is plan trips, even if I never take them.  I love to go online and look for flights, and then find cool hotels, great restaurants, and plan wardrobes.  I love to travel; I love to go where I’ve never been and think that nothing is more inspiring, refreshing, or vital.  Yesterday I got to plan a trip that I’m actually going to take!  I booked a flight with my lovely friend to Madrid and I’m already thinking about carry-on essentials and what my packing list will look like, all of which I’m sure I’ll share with you.

In that vein, the next gift guide installment is for the traveler in your life.  The wanderluster.  From cute stocking stuffer ideas to essentials like great music and airport comfort, each of these gifts are perfect for that person who’s always on the go.  Even if most of the time, it’s only in her Expedia search history.

As with all previous gift guides, my intention is to provide a multitude of options, in both price and overall “size” of the gift.  Hopefully you’ll find something for everyone!

  1. Carry-On Cocktail Kit.  How adorable is this?  All you have to add is the tiny bottle of booze and you’ve got a craft cocktail on your seat-back tray.
  2. JVC Marshmallow Ear Buds.  These are my favorite ear buds–they’re durable, the sound is good, and most importantly, they’re comfortable.  They’re not too precious so if they wear out or get lost, it’s not going to break the bank to buy new ones.  Plus, they come in cute colors.  All of these are good things.
  3. JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  We bought this bluetooth speaker about a year ago and I am so surprised how much we use it.  It comes with a travel case, it’s small enough to fit in a suitcase or carry-on, and the sound is great.  Perfect for jamming out in the hotel room while getting ready.
  4. Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone.  This phone case, which acts as a backup charger/battery, is crucial for long travel days, especially when all you have to ensure that you remember the address to the hotel is your smartphone, which happens to be at 10% battery.  Or you could just write important information like that down, but who does that?
  5. Bon Appetit Magazine Subscription.  Or any magazine subscription.  Perfect for plane and airport entertainment, plus it’s the gift that will keep giving every month, all year long!
  6. Poncho/Cape Wrap.  This is basically a blanket that you wear.  You can bunch it up as a scarf, cozy up in it for cold flights, and bonus, it’s super trendy now.  Perfect for street-style photos on the go.  See?
  7. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses.  My favorite, classic, sunnies are perfect with pretty much everything.  I’ve had the classic gold rimmed ones for years, but they recently broke so I’m in the market for some new ones.  I’m kind of liking the black version!
  8. Moleskine Journal.  This is the perfect journal, ever.  I love to document my adventures when I travel in a travel journal, and these are small enough to carry around with you during the day.  They come in all shapes and sizes and colors, so you can tailor the needs of the journal to the trip!
  9. Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens.  The perfect journal calls for the perfect pens, and in my book, these are pretty perfect.
  10. Cross Body Bag.  A small cross body bag is a travel must.  Your shoulders won’t be killing you after a long day of shopping, your hands are free, and your belongings are secure.
  11. Say Yes to Cucumbers Cleansing Wipes.  You know that scummy feeling you feel after a couple hours in recycled air?  Yeah.  It’s not good.  These wipes will refresh and revive and they smell great too.
  12. J.Crew Passport Case.  Nothing wrong with adding a little style to government issued documents.
  13. Inflatable Travel Pillow.  Their necks will thank you, and because it inflates and deflates, they can carry it with them without sacrificing precious carry-on space.
  14. Madewell Transport Tote.  Equally as important as a small cross-body bag, a great carry-all tote is essential for carrying pretty much everything I’ve mentioned above.  This one is great looking, classic, and will last.
  15. Pinch Minimergency Kit.  This little kit holds everything one would need should they find themselves in some sort of dire situation.  There’s pain reliever, a sewing kit, floss, band-aids, and nail-polish remover, should your dire situation include a manicure situation.

I hope this helps your holiday shopping, and please, by all means, share your gift ideas!

 Stay tuned this week for more Holiday gift guides, and don’t forget to check out the other gift guides here and here and here!

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