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Gift Guide 2014: List

list gift guide 2014


For the lister, the planner, the person who positively purrs when walking into an Office Depot, who has more pens than she knows what to do with, who makes a list if only just to cross things off–this is for them.

Great pens are a given, as is a great journal, but so is a cute print that proclaims just how busy they are (very), and a coffee mug that makes the most sense I’ve heard all day.  Here are some ideas for the organization junkie and the casual doodler alike.

As with all previous gift guides, my intention is to provide a multitude of options, in both price and overall “size” of the gift.  Hopefully you’ll find something for everyone!

  1. Creative Coloring Book for Grown-Ups.  I bought this for my mom’s birthday, and then again for my friend Amy’s.  It’s a beautiful book filled with pages and pages of patterns and prints, just begging to be filled in.  It’s sure to please the avid doodler, to which I can attest.
  2. Le Pens Colored Pens.  I know I said yesterday that my favorite pens are Varsity disposable fountain pens, and they are, but these are a close second.  They come in great colors and make your handwriting look like a font.
  3. May Designs Notebooks.  May Designs lets you design your own custom notebook, choosing everything from the pattern, font, and color of the outside, to the actual contents of the inside.  I made a 2015 planner (or three), but you can order a calligraphy guide, a plain notebook, a recipe journal–you name it.  I dare you to try to design just one.
  4. Gold scissors.  Never underestimate the power of great office supplies.  And honestly, how many times have you needed scissors, just today?  I promise it’s more than once.
  5. Kate Spade Gold Dot Pencil Pouch.  To corral all of those colored pens, or double as a pencil/lipstick pouch to carry around in one’s tote.  And it comes with an eraser, a gold pencil sharpener, and a ruler.  Bonus supplies!
  6. Custom Stamps.  You can customize these with a return address, with just a monogram, or to say “From the Kitchen Of…”  They’re a great and thoughtful gift for the paper enthusiast.
  7. Acrylic Stacking Letter Organizer.  Adorable organization tools for the desktop or even kitchen counter–this will organize all of the stray papers that always seem to stream in.
  8. Ban.Do I Am Very Busy Art Print.  Because they are very busy.
  9. Ban.Do But First, Coffee Travel Mug.  How adorable is this?  And also, how true?
  10. Prismacolor Markers.  These markers are the real deal, and they come in pretty much every color imaginable.  I’d love to be set free for an afternoon with these markers and that coloring book.  That might be what bliss looks like.
  11. Listography: Your Life in Lists.  I start to feel a little anxious if I don’t have a list, like when I was shopping in Target today and knew exactly what I was there for, but kept feeling like I was going to forget.  It was one thing!  I can’t imagine how much fun this book would be.  Lists on lists on lists.
  12. Moleskine Journals.  I know I mentioned this yesterday, but what would a lister’s gift guide be without a notebook in which to capture all of the lists?  It would be incomplete, that’s where.  Also, for the true organizer, include a link to this journal concept, and watch as their eyes light up.  Indexing, numbering, categorizing, sorting….

I hope this helps your holiday shopping, and please, by all means, share your gift ideas!

 This is the final installment of my Holiday gift guides this year, but don’t forget to check out the other gift guides here and here and here and here!

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