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Gift Guide 2014: Cook

Cooks gift guide 2014


With just 15 shopping days left, I thought it would be helpful for all of you out there, like me, who are struggling with gift ideas this year.  This week, I’ll be putting out a series of gift guides inspired by all of the things I write about here.  The only one I’m missing is a gift guide for him, because I am stumped this year.  Help?

Today’s gift guide is for the cook and/or the amateur bartender.  Best get the most important out first!

These are all the things I couldn’t live without in my kitchen, and a few that could use an update (hint, hint!)  They range in both price and size, so hopefully there is something for everyone.  (Psst… here’s last year’s gift guide, all of which I still use and still recommend!)

  1. Hedley and Bennett apron.  These are beautiful, American made, sturdy, and functional.  They’re not so precious so you won’t mind getting covered in flour, but they’re also nice enough to wear with company.
  2. Whiskey stones.  Chill your whiskey without watering it down.
  3. USA pans.  These cookie sheets have changed my world–nothing sticks to them.  Nothing!  They make the perfect cookie and are great for nacho night.
  4. Colorful nesting bowls.  A bowl for every purpose, in bright colors no less.
  5. Soda Stream.  I bought this for K last year for Christmas and we have used it more than I ever thought we would.  We love it!
  6. Boos cutting boards.  We got a Boos Butcher Block last year, and absolutely love it.  If you don’t have the room or back/arm strength for the Butcher Block, these cutting boards are the next best thing.
  7. Le Creuset Braiser.  I use this braiser for almost everything.  It’s much more all-purpose than you’d think, and it’ll last a lifetime.  The cook in your life will swoon, promise!
  8. Digital Meat Thermometer.  Helpful for grilling, braising, roasting, or frying.  The digital read takes the guess-work out and ensures a perfect temperature every time.
  9. Rabbit Wine Opener.  Nothing makes opening wine easier, which in my book, is always a good thing.
  10. Silpat baking mats.  Just in case you’re still worried that something will stick to that USA pan, line it with one of these.  Nothing sticks, including candy, which makes this perfect for candied nuts or brittle.
  11. Microplane zester.  I use this for citrus, but also for grating cheese, garlic, ginger, nutmeg–you name it.  This is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.
  12. Cocktail muddler.  For all of those fancy cocktails you’re cocktail enthusiast will make!  #FancyDrinkFriday anyone?

I hope this helps your holiday shopping, and please, by all means, share your gift ideas!

 Stay tuned this week for more Holiday gift guides, including one for the fashionista, the compulsive list maker, the reader, and the traveler in your life.  

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