#NovOfThanks / See Hatsie List

List: #NovOfThanks – Week 4


November is over, and it may have been the fastest month in recent memory.  The first of November brings crispy fall leaves and warm colors, and if today can be used as any sort of example, ends with bare trees, snow on the ground, and, well, Winter.

I read somewhere that we perceive time in direct correlation with how much change we experience.  So if a lot of change happens, it feels like time flies, and conversely, if we’re stagnant, so is time.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but November brought a lot of change, and not just ushering in a new season.  I turned a year older, I spent lovely weekends with friends and loved ones, Thanksgiving came and went, and I practiced gratitude in each and every one of those days.  And the time flew by.

I welcome the upcoming month, year, and season with open arms and a grateful heart, and hope that I can continue the habit of finding gratitude in the big and in the small.

Here’s what I was thankful for this week:

November 22: Long lunches, and a day spent with my Katy.

November 23: Coming home.

November 24: The convenience of a corner deli.  The possibilities are endless!

November 25: Safe travels.

November 26: First snow.

November 27: Family: near, far, blood related, and not.

November 28: Maine.  It’s really the best.

November 29: Beautiful beaches, even if they are covered in snow.

November 30:  A fruitful time away from work, and a job to which to return.

Take a look at my month of gratitude by searching the hashtag #NovOfThanks.  Let’s keep the party going and find gratitude in every thing, every day!

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