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It’s time to talk beauty again.  The weather is getting colder (have you seen Buffalo?  Does that unnerve you as much as it does me?  They’re literally covered in snow) and with it, my skin care needs change.  Whereas in the Summer I wore minimal make up and slathered on the SPF, nowadays I’m all about keeping my skin from feeling so dry and tight I think it actually is trying to strangle me.  I’m so dramatic.

My routine hasn’t changed too much–I still use the same make up products day in and day out.  No, I haven’t updated my mascara (10 years and going strong!)  But, my skin care habits have gotten remarkably better in the last few months.  It’s like all of a sudden I started listening to what my mother has been telling me since I was a teenager, and started, you know, caring.  I wash my face every night!  Are you so proud?  This is not something I could have said even six months ago.

My new habits are not because I overnight became more mature, or started making better choices for myself.  No, as much as I wish I could say that, my habits are a result of one thing only: new toys.  And I’ll tell you, if they can turn someone who used to fall into bed every night with a full face of makeup on, into someone who actually looks forward to washing her face at night, they’re something you should know about.

Here are the beauty products I’m using right NOW: 


Skin Care: 

Bonafide gadgets: that pink thing up there is the game changer.  It’s the Clarisonic Mia2 Skin Cleansing System and it has absolutely changed my skin.  I use it once a day, usually at night, and my face feels so clean after it almost squeaks.  It’s a timed process, dividing up 60 seconds into 20 seconds for your forehead, 20 seconds for your nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek.  My face looks brighter and feels cleaner.  I love it.

When I started using the Clarisonic, it made my skin so clean that it was drier than usual.  Full disclosure, it took me a while to get the balance right with my moisturizers at night, and I’m still alternating between a couple to find the right combination that works for me, but one of the ones that I love is the Boots Botanics Hydrating Night Cream All Bright.  It’s really thick, feels luxurious, and lasts until morning.  It’s so hydrating that I can’t use it every night, lest I wake up with an angry pore (that’s a nice euphemism, no?), but I like to alternate between that and my normal moisturizer.  Honestly, though, I just love the way it smells and feels on my skin.


A few nights a week I’ll layer the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster under my moisturizer.  I don’t know why, and I don’t know what it does, and I certainly didn’t pay that price tag for it, but a sample came with my Clarisonic and it smells like oranges.  I do feel like when I use it, I wake up with brighter, tighter skin, but that’s not a scientific statement, just a drowsy, pre-coffee thought.

I should tell you now that if you’re here for hard-hitting beauty tips, you should probably take off.  A lot of my preferences are smell-driven.


Make Up: 

I’m loyal when it comes to products.  I love the anything Bare Minerals, and heard great things about their BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, so I decided, against all prior liquid foundation experience, to give it a try.  True to Bare Minerals tract record, it’s awesome.  It provides a little more coverage than the powders that I use.  I try to keep my day-to-day look as minimal as possible, so I don’t use this foundation every day, but when I need a little more (see: angry pores) or I’m going out for a night on the town, I’ll use this and love the polished, but natural, look it gives.  It’s not heavy, and my skin still feels like mine.  Plus it requires a fancy brush, and I do like new toys.

Other than that, I’ve kept everything else in my make up routine the same.  I make it season-appropriate with a new arsenal of lip color.  I’m still obsessed, will tell everyone and their dog, have bought some for everyone I know, with the Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy systems, and use the Advanced Lip Therapy every night and every morning.  I love the stuff.

I figured since I was such a convert, I’d love the tinted lip balm just as much, and I was right.  Especially in the colder months, when my morning application of the Advanced Lip Therapy wears off sooner than it did in the Summer, I can swipe this on and get the benefits of my favorite lip product, with a little hint of color.  I bought the Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Petal because it looked really natural and is a great everyday color, but I want the red tint next.  Like I said, I’m obsessed.


This last one is an oldie but a goodie.  Seriously, this is the color my mom wore all throughout my childhood.  I actually remember her getting stopped in the grocery store, telling someone that she was wearing Revlon Rum Raisin.  I bought it a while ago, and just recently rediscovered it.  It really is perfect.  It’s saturated and dark without looking jarring, it matches my skin tone, and it is incredibly long lasting.  Best part?  Last time I was with my mom and I wore this, she asked me what I was wearing!

And that’s about it!  I’ll be sharing my beauty favorites periodically, as I come across something that has changed the way I do things and therefore must tell you about as soon as possible.  

But for now, tell me, what do you use?  What can’t you live without?

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