#NovOfThanks / See Hatsie List

List: #NovOfThanks – Week 2


Last week it was not hard to find gratitude in every single day.  Birthday week is a sort of silly tradition that my family has always done, and yeah, it’s a lot of fun to unabashedly celebrate yourself for a week straight.  No apologies.  But when other people get on board?  Like, really, really on board?  That is not silly.  That is me, being a very, very lucky woman.  I am surrounded by lovely people who care about me and celebrate me.  I am so thankful for that.

See?  Gratitude overflowing.

Here’s what I was thankful for this week:

November 8: Living close enough to meet K’s family for dinner.

November 9: Aunt Joan.

November 10: Exploring local eateries, where locals eat.

November 11: My Granddaddy, and all veterans.

November 12: Cozy, creative nights in.

November 13: K.  Plain and simple.

November 14: My current proximity to New York City

What are you thankful for this week? Today? Don’t forget to join the conversation with #NovofThanks on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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