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List: 28 Things I Know at 28


Yesterday was my 28th birthday.  It was fantastic.  I was showered with love from near and far and the warmth that I felt floated me through the day.  Last year I took a moment to reflect on a things I know.  27 things I know, to be exact.   You all know how I feel about reflection, and when better a time to reflect than after another year of life.

Here are 28 Things I Know at 28.  It’s short, it’s incomplete, and it’s good for me.

1. I can do more than I think I can.

2. Wash your dang face every dang night.  Moisturize, too!  I don’t know when I stopped caring as much about breakouts and started caring about wrinkles, but I think it was this year.

3. After 28 years on this earth, I now know how to use a curling iron.  Big things, people.

4. I get to choose how I feel.  Why would I choose anything other than happy?

5. Timing is everything.  I tend to always look forward to the next.  There’s a lot of peace in just resting in the timing of now.

6. Every year it gets harder and harder to remember how old I am.  Is that my brain protecting me?  Or is that just something that happens?  Help.

7. Even if I think I’m drinking enough water, I need more.  Drink all the water, then find more, and drink that too.

8. Travel can mean getting on a plane, or it can mean stepping outside your front door.

9. Growing up looks different for different people.

10. Other’s thoughts have no bearing on my thoughts.

11. Knowing when and how to say no is just as important as saying yes.

12. Stand up for yourself.

13. Be gentle to yourself.

14. An unexpected benefit of being on social media for almost 10 years now is that I have this really detailed account of my life.  On a related note, do you know about Timehop?  It’s the best.

15. Some rules are necessary.  Definitely say thank you if someone holds the door for you.  Others are not.  Bend them.

16. Carefully curate what you allow to have space in your head.  What I continually think about is what becomes important to me.

17. Taco night is always a good idea.

18. There is a sort of rejuvenating peace I feel from the anonymity of big cities.  I love the energy and the camaraderie I feel with other people, knowing full well I’ll never see them again.

19. Cleaning out my closets at least twice a year is imperative.

20. If I want to do it, I should do it.  Cross off the bucket list.

21. Read everything.  Maintain a voracious appetite for words.

22. I write because it feeds my soul.  You know that song by Harry Chapin, that goes, “Music was his life, it was not his livelihood…” That.

23. There is always something around the corner.  Sometimes it’s puppies!  I mean, sometimes…

24. In two years I’ve been in three states and three apartments.  In another two years I’ll be 30. (Deep breaths…) It doesn’t seem that long, but clearly so much can be packed into that window of time.

25. I need to leave work at work.  There are a finite number of things I can do in a day, and that’s because I’m human.  That will just have to be good enough.

26. Never underestimate the value of visual inspiration.

27. There isn’t much in this world that a well-placed cat gif can’t solve.

28. 365 days is a lot of days.  I should find gratitude in every single one of them.  


Today I find gratitude in you!  I can’t tell you how full my heart feels and I want to send it all right back to you.

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