#NovOfThanks / See Hatsie List

List: #NovOfThanks – Week 1


This November, in an attempt to celebrate the good, embrace gratitude, and to hopefully send both back out into the world, I’m going to be making note of daily gratitudes.  Big, small, significant, superficial–I think they all matter.

Want to join in?  Use the hashtag above on any social media outlet (Facebook!  Instagram!  Twitter!) and let’s spread the love.  I want to know what you’re thankful for.  Let’s put it out into the world and hopefully make this month, and the ones to follow, just a little happier.

Here’s what I was thankful for this week:

November 1: Rainy Days

November 2: Roast chicken and the wonder that is a slow cooker

November 3: Better attitudes

November 4: Taco night!

November 5: Our neighborhood bar.  Sort of like Cheers, everyone knows our names.

November 6: A good night’s sleep

November 7: Good influences.  Being around people that are better than I.

What are you thankful for this week? Today? Join the conversation with #NovofThanks!

One thought on “List: #NovOfThanks – Week 1

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