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Party: How To Recreate Oktoberfest at Home


Bear Mountain State Park, near Westpoint in New York, hosts a killer Oktoberfest every year.  It was a happy accident how we happened upon it, but since discovering it three years ago, it’s become a Fall tradition.

Understanding that you may not be able to make it to Bear Mountain every year, and yet wanting you to be able to enjoy all the fun and festivities that Oktoberfest offers, here’s a quick how-to for recreating all the highlights of Oktoberfest in your very own home.


Start With: 

A nice day.  In my opinion, Oktoberfest should be enjoyed outdoors.  Near water, if you’ve got it.  If not, indoors will do (and anyway, I’m not the boss of you or Oktoberfest, I guess).


Then add: 

Beer!  A variety is nice, and I won’t boss you around as to which kind you get.  I will say, though, make sure there is a dark version and a lighter version.  (And therein lies all of the knowledge I possess about beer.  Dark.  Light.)


Then with that: 

Food.  Pretzels and spicy, spicy mustard are classic.  Make your own, too!  It’s fun!  Sausages are easy and if you make them on a sheet pan with some onions, fennel, and potatoes, you’ll have a whole meal almost without a second thought.  Pierogis with sour cream are great snacking food, and you can find some really good ones in the frozen foods aisle.


Finish it off with:

Polka music and dancing for ambiance and big, giant, so-heavy-they’ll-bruise-your-hands steins.  Bonus points for you and them if anyone shows up in lederhosen.  But that goes without saying.

Now, I realize that there is only one day left in October.  But I would encourage you to do this in November anyway.  Call it BeerFest if you need to, although I doubt anyone will care.  It’s Oktoberfest!  It’s fun!



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