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Travel: Hudson Valley One-Night Getaways


A huge bonus about living in the Hudson Valley region of New York is that because we are so close to so many fun things, it’s easy to sneak away for a one-night getaway and feel like you’ve actually been somewhere.  We have so enjoyed exploring this region, and the extended surrounding regions, each of which are exploding with beauty, serenity, great food, and nice people.

The way I see it is this: New York City, while constantly changing, endlessly inspiring, energizing, and downright fun, will always be there.  I can take a trip to NYC any time, from anywhere.  The same cannot be said for these adorable, quaint little towns in the Hudson Valley.  While we’re close, I want to see all of them, too.

We have taken full advantage of this region, and even if it’s just a day trip, try to see something new every weekend.  Because I can’t seem to adequately explain the beauty and draw of this place, here are some one-night getaways we have absolutely loved, in hopes that you actually will make a trip solely to see this place.  If you don’t mind big giant fat cats with wonky ears, you can even stay with us.

Piermont, New York

Where we stayed: The Dolce Palisades.  This was once a dedicated conference center for IBM executives, and is fully equipped with a gym (with racket ball courts, ping pong, basketball, you name it…), a bar with pool tables and shuffleboard, a restaurant on site, and extensive grounds which offer hiking trails, the biggest koi pond I’ve ever seen, and tennis courts.  All of these amenities are meticulously kept, and none of them have been updated since 1983.  It’s a lot like stepping back in time, and it’s a lot of fun.

Where we ate: 14 and Hudson Kitchen and Bar offered patio seating and was the perfect place to stop for lunch and a glass of prosecco.  We shared the seared tuna as well as some fried calamari.  Each was delicious.  Our dinner plans included the Sparkill Steakhouse.  It’s a beautiful space that we happened to pass by on our way back to our hotel and offered great service, good wine, and really, really exceptional steak.

What we did:  We explored the waterfront in Piermont, which is dotted with cute eateries and great views of the Hudson, and spent a lot of time exploring the grounds of the hotel, trying to imagine what the place was like in its hay day.  I mean, there was an active helipad.  Must be nice to be IBM!

Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut

Where we stayed: Not at Mohegan Sun, actually.  We stayed at the Hyatt Place Mohegan Sun, which was considerably cheaper and had a free shuttle that ran from the hotel to the casino.

Where we ate: We were there for a show with Aunt Joan, and so ate a quick bite at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse which was fun, then went to the show.  The next morning, we grabbed a bite at Hash House A Go Go for brunch.  Holy giant food.  I got a BLT that had probably a pound of bacon.

What we did: We saw Ron White and laughed until my face actually hurt.  He’s a funny man.  Neither K nor I are much gamblers, so after the show we walked around the casino while AJ won money.  Casino people watching is the best.

Tarrytown, New York

Where we stayed:  The Tarrytown House Estate, which boasts beautiful grounds and historical significance.  Presidents have stayed here!  The hotel was gorgeous and had the weather not been so rainy, we would have been able to enjoy the grounds more.

Where we ate: We never ventured off campus!  The restaurant on site, Cellar 49, was highly reviewed so we ate there for dinner, and then went back for round 2 for brunch the next morning.  The burrata appetizer is something I’m still thinking about.  Imagine if I could focus that much energy on something more productive than cheese?

What we did: It was quite rainy when we got there so we enjoyed the dimly lit tavern, playing pool and shuffle board and checking out the 1920’s speakeasy decor.  The next morning was glorious so we took a leisurely drive back, winding through Sleepy Hollow and the rest of Westchester County.  This has been my favorite one-nighter yet!

Bear Mountain, New York

Where (you should) stay: I believe you know about my obsession with Bear Mountain in the Fall.  It’s beautiful and the have Oktoberfest there and it’s my favorite thing I do every year.  While we haven’t stayed the night, should you stay, there is the Bear Mountain Inn, which is comprised of the main building, with 20 rooms, and then cabins and a lodge.  The lodge has a killer overlook on to Hessian Lake.

Where (you should) eat: If you’re there for Oktoberfest, the simple answer is–eat at Oktoberfest.  Giant pretzels, sausages, pierogis, and the like are the perfect pairing for that giant liter of beer.  The Inn also has a restaurant that looks beautiful.

What (you should) do: Bear Mountain has something for everyone.  Don’t miss the zoo, where you’ll see the bears Pal and Sadie, take a hike around Hessian Lake and up to the Overlook Lodge, or drive up to the top of the mountain and on a nice day, catch views of NYC.  It’s a beautiful dose of nature for every level of nature lover.


I understand that you all aren’t able to come to the Hudson Valley for one night only, but hopefully this will inspire you to come for longer than that.  There’s so much more to New York than NYC, and I can’t wait to explore even more.

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