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List: Sunday Reading


…On a Tuesday.

But I have such a good excuse!  My parents booked a spur-of-the-moment flight up to New York on Saturday so I spent Sunday hanging out with them, eating Aunt Joan’s brisket, and relaxing.  They left this morning (insert dramatic crying emoji here) but it was a great visit.

We’re well into the week at this point, but everyone could use a good dose of distraction, right?  Right.

Here’s what I found particularly distracting on the Internet this week:

  1. I love this idea.  I’m already scheming up my next build-your-own style dinner party.
  2. This article really hit home.  I don’t relate to all of it, but man, the parts about procrastination and shame?  Wow.
  3. Mulled Wine!  You’re happening this week.
  4. The Top 5 cities in the United States.
  5. Living clutter-free.  We spent the better part of Saturday getting rid of stuff to make room for my new dedicated painting space (coming soon!) and to take back our guest bedroom from the storage bin it had become.  By the end of it, we had increased our living space by 2 whole rooms!  I love a good deep clean, but I find that the process is always the most overwhelming right before it gets really good.

Have a good (rest of the) week!

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