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Wear: 13 Ways to Wear a Scarf


When I first met K, he was sort of amazed at how many scarves I own.  In fact, I never really left home without one, and not much has changed.  Maybe it’s a fashion phase, maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s a sort of security blanket, or maybe I’ve found my signature look.  In any case, I rarely feel put together without one.

My go-to is usually just draped around my neck, or left open and long, and honestly it gets boring!  These 13 looks are sure to inject a much-needed dose of inspiration in my, and hopefully your, scarf-wearing life.

13 Ways to Wear a Scarf


Plaid and chunky.  Perfect for print-mixing!  Swing it around your neck and leave it loose and draped.


Long and leopard.  Leopard is a neutral, didn’t you know?  This look is perfect for layering.  Keep the scarf untied and loose–it almost looks like an extra jacket!



Wrapped and Short.  This works best with an oversized, square, silk scarf.  It takes up less real-estate than the longer, chunkier scarves, so go crazy with color and pattern.


Basically a Blanket.  This could totally double as a blanket, and is the perfect accessory for plane travel.  Keep the rest of your ensemble minimal to keep the look balanced.

pop-of-color scarf

Pop of Color.  Adding a bright pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit is the perfect job for a scarf.  My go-to is that bright poppy color.  I love it.


High and tight.  It’s a chic cross between a choker and a scarf, and will keep you warm without the extra material.  Plus, you’ll look vaguely European.  Promise.


Full of Fur.  Perfect for those super cold days when you’re really bummed that you have to hide your outfit under a coat again.  Fur scarf–instant pop of style.


Draped and Fringed.  Fringe adds texture and interest.  Just wrap it around your neck and secure the ends under the scarf so the fringe can take center stage.


Open and Belted.  Adding a belt over a scarf could seem like accessory-overload, or it could seem like styling-success.  You be the judge.


Infinity and Beyond.  You really can’t go wrong with a good infinity scarf.  Wrap it once for a looser look, or wrap it twice to be cozy and close, either are good in my book.


Shawl it.  Open up a wide scarf and wear it like a jacket.  It’s not just for evening wear!


Chunky and Casual.  A huge, oversized scarf can add so much style to an otherwise casual outfit.  I love the sporty look (and just bought those shoes!  Bonus!)



Parisienne Perfect.  Honestly, if I could look a certain way every day, it would be that picture above.  So stylish, so effortless, so classic.  Simply wrap a silk scarf around and loosely tie it, because you’re in Paris and have simply no time to look in the mirror and mess with your scarf before meeting vos amis at the cafe around the corner.

But really.  Can that be my life?  Can an outfit be a life?  Someone get back to me.


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