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It’s time to talk books again, and in full disclosure, this next post is either going to excite you, or completely alienate you and make you question what you’re doing here in the first place.

I’m willing to take that chance.

Let’s talk Game of Thrones.  I guess technically, the series written by George R.R. Martin is called A Song of Ice and Fire, a title which I have endless theories and predictions about, all of which I’ll spare you.  The series has been around for almost a decade, but, in my world at least, it sky-rocketed to the front of everyone’s mind when HBO adapted it for an excellent cable series.

I watched the show first.  In fact, I was completely caught up on the series before I even thought about reading the books.  It was a slow burn for me; I watched the first few episodes and wrote it off as not for me, but upon K’s insistence, I gave it another try and I’d be lying to you if I said that I don’t wish, every single Sunday, that it was on.

I know.  Stay with me.

It was that devotion to great story telling and to a show–and book series– that has complete disregard for my feelings or wants or needs, that got me to begin the books.

Full disclosure: I’m not even done with the series yet.  I’m midway through Book 4.  But I want to tell you about it anyway, because for one, I’m that certain that you should read it, and two, maybe you’ll catch up and we can like, talk about it.  Please talk about it with me!  I need to talk about it.

game of thrones

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

Why I loved it:  Never before has a world, its characters, its conflicts and its triumphs, ever enamored me as much as this does.  I’m not a huge fantasy genre fan, but these books are the perfect blend of fantasy rooted in reality and it’s enough to hook me.  There are dragons, and shape-shifters, and wargs (you don’t know about those yet, but you will.  And then we’ll talk about them, right?  Right?), but there is also love, and deceit, and murder, and family, and strong women who seriously kick ass, and they’re all wrapped up in a range of characters that range from so terribly evil they make you shudder, to those so heroic and beloved that you’ll wonder how you arrived at this point in your life without them.  Beware of both.

Why you should read it:  If you like great stories, read this.  If you’re completely amazed by the kind of writing that not only creates characters out of thin air, but creates a world in which these characters live, die, love, act, react, and even eat and drink, read this.  If you like fantasy, read this.  If you don’t like fantasy, but are looking for a story to immerse yourself in, read this (and give it a lasting chance, promise me?).  If you read this blog and find yourself willing to engage in deep, significant, and meaningful discussions about what the heck Arya is up to, thank you, and read this.

Best part about this series?  It’s not over!  The show hasn’t caught up to the books, and Mr. Martin isn’t done writing them.  There’s more to come, and I love that.

So, as always, be in a book club with me?  Let’s do it.

2 thoughts on “Read: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

  1. I’m glad you stuck with the series, and go so into the books. Hope you finish up book 4 and 5 soon, so then you’ll be waiting around like the rest of us for book six.

    (There are rumors that GRRM has turned in the manuscript to his publisher this summer for editing. These things take about 9-12 months to get from that stage to bookshelves, so I’m hoping The Winds of Winter will be out right after Season 5 Game of Thrones has its finale.)

    Anyway, I’m always happy to talk A Song of Ice and Fire.

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