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Travel: New York City in 24 Hours



We’re lucky enough to live within an hour of one of the greatest cities in the world, and don’t think we haven’t taken advantage of it.  Most of the time, though, it’s just for a day–twenty-four hours, tops.  This last trip was just that–and here’s how it went.

2:30pm  Cross the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan just as Simon and Garfunkel’s Only Living Boy in New York comes on the radio.  Squeal a little because, what are the odds?  Crank it.

2:45pm  Arrive at the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea.  Check into the room, and open every drawer and cabinet because I’m a house cat and must explore every inch of a new space.

3:00pm  Leave the hotel and begin walking to Times Square to meet up with some friends who are in town from Boston.


3:15pm  Stop to look in to the store windows on 5th Avenue.  Make a mental note to stop into that Anthropologie on the way back.  That sweater was adorable.

3:30pm  Dodge various college alumnae decked out in various stages of gear, on their way to “their bar.”  Wonder where the Tech bar is.

3:45pm  Arrive at Public House.  Order light beer because it’s Saturday and now you’re thinking about college football.  Catch up with friends, remember how much I loved living in Boston.

6:30pm  Leave Public House.  Walk towards Times Square, but get distracted by a crazy Halloween Bar.  Stop in at said bar, The Junction, and wonder aloud if the decor is for Halloween, or if “horror” is their year-long theme.  Drink some water, take some pictures, head on out.


7:00pm  Arrive at Times Square.  Meet up with some more people at a bar so touristy, there is literally a girl with a loudspeaker outside hawking people to come in.  Decide to love it because it’s sort of like Disney World and I never went to Disney as a kid.

7:30pm  Walk friends to Penn Station, where they got a bus to go to the Notre Dame vs. Syracuse game.  Say goodbye and promise to visit soon.  Walk back to Chelsea.

8:15pm Arrive back at the hotel.  Stop at the front desk to change dinner reservations from the Italian joint down the street to the Italian joint in the hotel, because the thought of walking another step on an empty stomach makes me want to cry.

8:20pm  Get ready for dinner.  Notice, again, how much I need a hair cut.

8:50pm  Arrive at La Bottega for dinner.  Decide to wait a little bit longer with the promise of a prime table outside under the terrace which is shaded by trees and paper lanterns and above that, city lights and stars.  Get that table.  Fist pump.


9:10pm  Order wine.  Order the burrata appetizer because we’re starving and because cheese.  Look around and feel local, because everyone else looks local.  Realize that I don’t look local because everyone else isn’t looking around like a goon.  Order tuna steak after he orders hanger steak.  More wine.

11:15pm  Push back from the table happy and sated.  Forgo dessert for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Look in at a couple of bars but decide to head back because while my perfect leopard pumps are perfect, they are painful and after a day of walking, we were tired.

11:45pm  Turn on Food Network.

12:00pm  Snore.

8:00am  Need coffee.  Order room service because this is sort of like vacation and because I know that they’ll bring coffee to my room, which is the best possible thing I can think of.  Drink two cups before I even know what happened.  Start to feel ready to take on the day.

9:00am  Get ready for the day.  Sip more coffee.  Flip through one of the magazines they offer in the room.  Generally luxuriate.


10:30am  Check out of hotel.  Leave bags at front desk and exit onto streets of New York to explore the neighborhood.


10:35am  Explore Chelsea Market, which is conveniently located across the street from the hotel.  Browse in and out of beautiful kitchen stores, food purveyors, and contemplate moving in.  Keep eyes peeled for a Bobby Flay sighting.  This place is so up his alley.


12:15pm  Walk the Highline.  Slowly, because it’s not very wide and it’s very crowded.  Wonder how they planted oak trees on an old railway.  Observe a painting class.  Or was it a club?  Still not sure.

1:45pm Get water at a corner deli.  Walk around Chelsea, peek into galleries.  Observe the brunch crowd.  Think about the concept of a Brunch Crowd and wonder how I can become part of it.


2:15pm  Go back to the hotel to retrieve bags.  Check the Jets’ score.  Say Really?!  a couple of times.  Go to the garage and wait for the car.


2:30pm  Cross the George Washington Bridge back into New Jersey.  Promise to see the city again soon.

If you had 24 hours in NYC, what would you do?  Tell me, please!  I need ideas for next time.

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