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DIY: Geode Wine Stoppers


“What’s craft glue” is probably not the question you want the person who’s about to write about a DIY to ask herself and yet, I did.  I was wandering aimlessly around Michael’s craft store, talking to my mom on the phone, looking for “craft glue” because the tutorial for this particular DIY project said I’d need some.  She asked why, and I said the blog.  

I want so bad to be the type of person who effortlessly executes chic, beautiful, and well-thought-out projects and brings them to you in a concise, enjoyable way.  Instead, I’m me.  I try to do these things, and endure the inevitable bumps along the way.


The question is, do I tell you about these inevitable bumps?  It would be so easy for me to pretend I did this project because I had all of the materials in my well-organized craft drawer, and because it was a Sunday afternoon, and because the pie was cooling and I was taking a break from writing my memoir.  I could write that.  But that wouldn’t be honest, or authentic, and to be quite frank, if you’ve been here for any extended amount of time, I’m not sure you would have believed it.

So, I’m telling you about the bumps.  Because they’re fun, and funny, and because they’re me.  I’m very bumpy.  Here’s the real story: I wandered around a craft store for an hour looking for what Martha Stewart calls, simply and irritatingly, “craft glue.”  I found it, of all places, by the check out line next to overpriced but adorable glitter kits, brought it home, glued these babies together then immediately got over-zealous because look how cute!  I got my camera, clumsily and forcefully tried to shove them into the first bottle I could find, and ended up breaking both and dropping one glue-laden cork into a perfectly fine bottle of gin.

You can imagine K’s surprise when he went to mix a gin and tonic and confusingly asked, “Hey, why is there a cork in the gin?”  Don’t drink that!  It has glue in it! 


This is how I DIY.  It’s also how I do life in general.  I wish I could help it, but I can’t.  It’s a combination of ambition, excitement, impatience, and generally being a bull in a china shop.  (And it’s kind of fun).

That said, if I can make these, you can.  That’s the good thing.  If I post something here under the label DIY, that means I was moderately successful!  And that means that you, with your infinite grace and patience and clean, organized, closet, can make this project with ease.  So in a way, you’re welcome.  And also, how do you do it?


You’ll need: 

  • Craft Glue — OK, so there’s lots of different types of glue, none of which are called anything as generic as “craft glue.”  If you can find the above Martha Stewart brand, it seems to work just fine.  If not, I’d look around and find a glue that will generally adhere to multiple surfaces.  You can also, you know, ask someone what craft glue is.  But not me.  Don’t ask me that.
  • Wine corks — make sure they’re small enough on one end to fit into desired bottle.
  • Crystals/geodes — They need to have at least one fairly large flat side.  I found these at a local flea market.

Here’s what to do:

  1. On the larger end of the cork, add an amount of glue the diameter of a pea.  Place the flat side of the geode on the cork and press firmly for about a minute.
  2. Prop the whole thing up in a place where it won’t be bothered and won’t fall, and let dry overnight.
  3. Stop up whatever bottles you’d like!


I wonder what else I can do with that craft glue…

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