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Drink: #FancyDrinkFriday – The Chilton




I’ve missed #FancyDrinkFriday, haven’t you?  My life could use a little fancy: currently, I’m sitting here looking at dishes that need to be done and a cat who is trying really hard, like harder than he’s tried anything, to get into a styrofoam box that is closed.

Fancy is welcome.  Friday is too.

This week, I’m bringing you my go-to drink in college (once I got the long islands out of my system…), The Chilton.  Apparently this drink doesn’t exist everywhere, so if you haven’t heard of it, that probably means you didn’t go to college with me.  And that’s ok.  It’s basically a salty, lemony, vodka-soda.  I like all of those words.

For some reason the bartenders in college hated making this drink.  Maybe it was because of all the fresh-squeezed lemon?  Maybe it was because they were tired of 20-something girls elbowing their way to the bar to all order the exact same thing over and over?  Who can tell.

I haven’t had a Chilton in years, but I saw a post from college of my roommate and I at our favorite haunt, typical Chilton in hand, and I wondered why it ever left my rotation.  It’s refreshing, and when the weather is cool in the mornings but can get fairly warm in the afternoons (happy hour!), the refreshment is welcome.

Here’s the recipe.

The Chilton (serves 1)


  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 4 ounces club soda
  • 1 whole lemon, juiced, plus a lemon wedge for garnish
  • ice
  • course salt


  1. Slice into the lemon wedge and run it around the rim of a small tumbler.  Pour the course salt onto a plate and then invert the glass into the salt to salt the rim.  Fill the glass with ice.
  2. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice directly to the glass.  You may want to use a citrus reamer or lemon squeezer to really get all the juice out of that lemon.  Add the vodka and top with club soda.  Garnish with the lemon wedge.

Happy Friday, friends!

One thought on “Drink: #FancyDrinkFriday – The Chilton

  1. Did you go to Texas Tech?? I swear no one knows this drink outside of Lubbock so I’m so excited that you’re helping share it (mostly so I don’t keep ending up with plain vodka sodas with a lemon wedge when I try to explain to bartenders how to make this)!

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