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We celebrate birthday weeks in my family.  We always have, and we always will, and I don’t care how many internet lists about 20 Things to Stop Doing in Your Twenties that tell me that birthdays are not a big deal after 21.  We do birthday weeks.

And furthermore, I think you should too.  It’s the day you were born.  It’s the day life started for you!  What could be cause for more of a celebration than life itself?  And I think you should share the love.  I think you should give someone else a week of birthdays too.  More love=more life to celebrate.  These are all good things.

Today is that woman’s birthday above.  That’s my mama, and she’s the ringleader of birthday week.  For that, I thank her.  She’s fun and hilarious and kind and smart and fiercely independent and taught me everything I know.  I say this every year on her birthday, but it’s all true.

Want to start implementing birthday week into your life?  Not sure how to start without alienating your friends and loved ones?  Step right this way.  I’m an expert.

How to Celebrate Your Birthday All Week Long

1. Surround yourself with people who love you and/or are genetically bound to be as excited about your day of birth as you are.  Surround is a loose term, too.  You can totally be surrounded by loved ones even if you’re states away.  I should know.  Text!  Call!  Skype!  Facetime the heck out of them!  They’re excited you were born too, it’s not a burden.

2. Bring a cake into the office.  Yes.  You.  Your office mates love cake.  They do.  And bringing in a cake for your own birthday necessitates a birthday-break-party.  Plus, cake makes friends.  Bonus birthday event number one.

3. Plan a work happy hour at said birthday-break-party.  So, any big plans for your birthday?  Yes!  Funny you should ask!  I was thinking it would be super fun to go to M.K. Flannigan’s after work on Thursday.  You in?  And that’s a bonus birthday event numero dos.

4. Have a separate special dinner with you and your significant other.  Oh, well, on my actual birthday I’m having dinner with K.  But I’m free either Monday or Tuesday!  And that’s bonus birthday event 3–plus you get a date with your s.o.  And he’s cute.  Look at you go.

5. Family Dinner!  If you live even relatively close to a family member, this is a no-brainer.  However, if you don’t, have family dinner with the family you’ve got.  Friends potluck, in-laws, or any other group of people to whom you are very close and would give a birthday week to will do.  Bonus birthday event four.  See where I’m going here?

6. Plan a weekend party.  The odds that your birthday will actually fall on a weekend are slim.  If it falls on Sunday-Thursday, plan your “real” party on Friday or Saturday.  Hello, bonus birthday night five.  

7. Talk about it constantly.  Do not apologize.  People like birthdays even if they say they don’t.  And plus, it’s your birthday.  Don’t expect everyone to love it as much as you do–help them out a little!   If you’re happy and fun about it, everyone will be too.  However, life happens, and if for some reason they can’t carve out an entire week to celebrate you, (weird, right?), give them some grace, and still do everything in your power to birthday-week them.  That’s what it’s about after all–spreading the love.

Follow these steps and you’ve got 5 nights of bonus birthday events, plus your actual birthday.  If you follow them closely enough, you may even eke out a night 7, but if I’ve learned anything from birthday weeks, it’s that a night at home with pizza and a great movie is about as good of a bonus birthday event 7 as you can get.


So, you’re equipped.  And my birthday is November 13.  It’s a Thursday.  (See #s 2, 4, 5, 6, and obviously 7).


And happy birthday Mama!  

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