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Happy Monday-that-actually-feels-like-a-Sunday-thank-the-stars-above!  There are few things more relaxing and lovely than a 3 day weekend.  I’ve always said I need a Sunday to wind down from my Sunday, and every once in a while, I get it.

I hope you are all hanging with friends and family and eating great food and not thinking one bit about the real world that is lurking around the corner.  That real world can wait.  

Here’s what I found particularly distracting on the Internet this week:

  1. Weeknight chicken without a recipe.  This screams back-to-school, even if you aren’t going back to school.
  2. How and why to do a life audit.  Everything about this intrigues me, namely, it’s a great excuse to use 100 post its and then sort them (!!!)
  3. Let’s all laugh at Anthropologie for a second.  It’s good for us.
  4. Things to cook in September.  Apt, because, hello September 1.
  5. All the fashion rules make me want to break ALL the fashion rules.  Aside from the not at all veiled HP computer advertisement, this list is spot on.

We’re going to be so dang rested for Tuesday.  Bring it!

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