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Wear: My Beauty Favorites – Right Now


Let’s talk about beauty routines.  Do you have one?  I’ve used the same face cleanser, the same mascara, and the same shampoo + conditioner for over a decade.  That’s a true story.  Most mornings I let my hair air-dry into waves, which means I sometimes show up two work with wet hair #professional.

True, my beauty routine has always been really simple: clean face, moisturizer, make up, perfume.  It’s purposefully not fussy.  I don’t do fussy.

That said, there are a few simple products that I want to shout from the mountaintops.  I’m sold.  They’re game changers and you need to know about them!

Here are the beauty products I’m using right NOW: 


Skin Care: 

I didn’t use moisturizer until I was 23.  I was living in Boston and was miserable from the extreme winters wreaking havoc on my skin.  I bought Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15 and have never looked back.  It’s light, not oily, and has SPF for extra protection.  I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t use it.

Before I moisturize, I use Rosewater Toning Spritz by Boots Botanics.  I discovered it about a month ago at Target and have fallen in love.  It smells great, it’s refreshing, and it has made a huge difference in my skin’s appearance.


Lip care: 

Ok.  Real talk?  The entire purpose of this post is to tell you about these lip products.  I’ve suffered from extremely chapped lips for as long as I can remember.  I love Burt’s Bees but was frustrated that I had to apply and reapply for lasting effects.  Enter Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy.   I bought it in the beginning of Summer and it has completely changed my life.  I apply in the morning before I put my makeup on and it lasts all day.  No more chapped lips.  Seriously.  None at all!

Because I loved the Advanced Therapy so much, I recently bought the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and love it equally.  I use it 2-3 times a week at night before bed and it does a great job of sloughing off any dead skin and smoothing the surface of my lips.

Both of these products are a little pricy, I know.  But I mean it, I’ve never found anything that has worked half as good.  Changed my life, people!  That’s high praise coming from me.

As far as lip color goes, I love a statement lip in theory, but in practice I usually reach for a more neutral color, if anything at all.  I love this Laura Mercier Sheer Lipstick in Bare Lips.  It’s basically an extension of my natural lip color–it looks natural while still allowing me to look like I tried.  A little.


Make Up and Fragrance: 

I tend to stick to the same make-up routine.  I use Bare Minerals products because I love that they provide great coverage without feeling like I’m wearing a pound of makeup.

This Summer, however, I’ve pared my makeup routine down even more.  Since my skin has a little more of a glow than it usually does, I stick with Bare Minerals Blush in Fruit Cocktail on my cheeks, and then finish with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.  The blush looks bright, and it is, but when used sparingly it provides a flush that looks young and bright.  The mineral veil sets everything, reduces shine, and provides an even, sheer coverage.

The very last thing I do before I go feed my extremely loud and needy cat is roll on some perfume.  Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is my absolute favorite scent this Summer.  It’s light, floral, and has a hint of citrus.  It lasts all day and the rollerball ensures that you won’t make your coworkers miserable.

And that’s about it!  I’ll be sharing my beauty favorites periodically, as I come across something that has changed the way I do things and therefore must tell you about as soon as possible.  

But for now, tell me, what do you use?  What can’t you live without?


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