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List: Sunday Reading



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I woke up this morning so full of gratitude.  I got some incredible news last night for which I’m jumping for joy.  There’s some pretty messed up things in this world to be sure, but I believe that there’s more good than evil, and for that, I’m thankful.

I’m spending this Sunday feeling thankful, relishing the cool breeze that hints of the season to come and is drifting through our open windows, and doing some much needed chores around the house.  This is after I spent the morning–the entire morning–searching travel pins on Pinterest and planning trips in my head.  They’re mostly of Paris.  Fair warning.

Here’s what I found particularly distracting on the internet this week.

  1. With Fall fast approaching (what!?), these small New England towns are on my list.  All of them.
  2. Muffaletta pasta salad.  A taste of New Orleans for when you can’t get the real thing.
  3. I’ve been wanting to invest in some original art, but admittedly am completely overwhelmed.  I feel like when I find the right piece, it’ll be a no brainer, you know?  Here’s a guide to making the process less daunting.
  4. Is your Facebook basically one long stream of ice-bucket challenges?  Mine is!  I’m all for raising awareness and donating to worthy causes, so I have no beef with it.  However, these made me laugh probably more than they should…
  5. Parks and Rec gag reel!!!

Have a good week, friends!

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