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Along with everyone in the world, seemingly, I am rocked by the news of Robin Williams’ death this week.  He’s not someone I actively thought of often, but his absence has left a void in the world that all week people have been trying to make sense of.  I’m watching one of my favorite films of his as I type, Dead Poet’s Society, and remember how I felt when I first saw the film in high school.  I felt ready, eager, pumped up.  His work helped people become better.  He gave that to people, and that’s his legacy.

Let’s take that feeling into this week, shall we?  We are here.  Life exists!

Here’s what I found interesting on the internet this week:

  1. I could watch this itty bitty polar bear all day long.  The walking?  I’m done.
  2. Best rooftop bars, eateries, and gardens in Manhattan.  Must find some of these while the weather lasts…
  3. “No fast movements or violent gestures in public places. You can’t handle it.”  So much truth.
  4. It’s my curse in life that I can spot a typo from a mile away, which is why it’s SO frustrating when I can’t catch my own!  Here’s why.
  5. I love a good quote.

Happy Sunday, friends!


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