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There’s no shortage of Boston in my corner of the internet.  I lived there for over four years and loved every minute of it.  I moved away in 2013, but now that I get to go back and visit, it’s like a whole new city to me.  I find something new each time.  Boston is a city of neighborhoods and there’s no shortage of character and charm in each.  You could walk around for days and never grow weary of the brick, the trees, the birds, the history, and that musical Boston accent.

I met K in Boston in 2009 right around this time.  I was invited to play bar trivia with some new friends and, being brand new in the city and not in a position to turn down plans or friends, I accepted.  K was there, and while we didn’t hit it off right away, four months later we started dating and the rest, as they say, is history.


We don’t really keep a lot of traditions, he and I.  Birthdays are always a big deal, but that’s more about me and my crazy need to have a day (who am I kidding, week) of celebration as often as I possibly can.  In fact, I forgot our anniversary last year.  We just lived life right through it.  I think we ordered pizza and ate it in front of the TV, me in my yoga pants.  Jeopardy was on, I’m sure.

Actually, that sums us up perfectly.  Never mind.

The only real tradition we’ve kept, and that has become really special to us, is Fourth of July in Boston.

It began out of necessity–we were already in Boston, why would we leave Boston?  But now that we live elsewhere, come Independence day weekend when we ask ourselves where we’d like to go, the answer is always Boston.


This Fourth of July, we drove over to the Bay State.  We usually stay in Back Bay, the neighborhood in which we both lived and the one that is bustling with activity every Fourth.  This time though, we wanted to try something different.  We stayed at a hotel on the Waterfront just lousy with views of sea, sky and boats.  It was near the North End, Boston’s Little Italy, and the smell of garlic wafting through the air did not hurt the ambiance.






The weather wasn’t great when we got there; Hurricane Arthur brought driving rain that lasted pretty much the entire holiday.  We spent the beginning of the Fourth watching the U.S.S. Constitution take it’s yearly spin around the harbor from our hotel, drinking coffee and working on the Times crossword.

When we were brave enough, or came to terms with the fact that the rain was not going to let up, we borrowed some umbrellas and walked down the street to our favorite seafood joint, the Sail Loft  and settled in for a long and leisurely lunch of lobster, mussels, sourdough bread, and crisp chardonnay.


I want my entire wardrobe to be made out of that color.

Luckily the rain didn’t last.  The next few days were as glorious as any I’ve seen in Boston.  Cool breezes, blue skies, and lots of sun.  We walked and talked and forgot why we ever left.  Conversations were had: “Let’s just stay here.  I could totally make this hotel home.”





In my dreams I still have a little brownstone on Marlborough Street.  I love our life now, but we owe so much of it to that city.  I kind of grew up there.

Lucky for me (and you!) it isn’t going anywhere.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth guide of what to do, see, and of course, eat, in Boston!  

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