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DIY: Patterned Tea Towels


I blame Pinterest for the wide world of DIY wonderfulness.  I’m sure people did crafts before this addicting website, but there was no way to share them en masse to the world.

I like a good DIY but it first needs to fit a couple of criteria:

First, no tools.  I learned in 6th grade that I shouldn’t be trusted with power tools.  A hammer or screwdriver, maybe.  But if it requires a drill, I’m out.

Second, easily accessed materials.  I can say all day long that I’m going to find the perfect vintage teacups and make adorable little candles, but it’s a fact that I won’t.  If I’m going to DIY, I need to be able to find the materials quickly.  Bonus if I already have them.  It’s a matter of attention span.

Third, easy clean-up.  I want to be able to craft and then be done with crafts.  I don’t have the space for a DIY corner, so my “workspace” is also my “living space.”  A quick project with easy clean up is necessary.


When I saw a couple of tutorials for these DIY stamped, patterned tea towels, I jumped right in.  No tools, I already had paint, the stamp is made from a potato, and the clean up was a cinch.

You’ll Need: 

  • White dishtowels.  I found these at Target.
  • A potato
  • Acrylic Paint


Cut the potato in half, and then in fourths to create a half-moon shape.  You can also cut different shapes if you’d like.  Add paint to a paper plate, and spread newspaper on a table then place the dishtowel on top of the newspaper.

Create a pattern by dipping the potato in paint and stamping it on the dishtowel.  I created a simple pattern by stamping the half-moon shape in stripes.


It’s ok if some stamps are darker than others–it adds to the DIY charm!

Let it completely dry.  Now you have a cute patterned dishtowel!

Now, this towel may not be the most practical, but it’s cute and has multiple uses other than a towel.  For instance, cute wrapping paper!  It’s useful and it’s practical.




Stay tuned for more simple, easy, cute DIY projects.  Enjoy!

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