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List: Sunday Reading



It occurs to me that I’ve been dumping photos of a very fat, wonky eared black cat and you may not know why.  That up there is Tyson.  He’s needy, hungry, and very sweet.  He loves Sundays.  Any excuse to curl up next to his people, preferably on not one, not two, but three pillows, is right up his alley.

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday.  Here’s what I found interesting around the web this week:

  1. A michelada sounds like a salt-rimmed bloody mary.  I like all of those words.
  2. Saltine cracker pie crust!!!!!!
  3. First three words: Special, impetuous, witty.  At least today…
  4. We spent Friday night completely consumed but this website.  Try not to get addicted.
  5. A food weekend in Boston.  Some of these are really good!

Happy Sunday!

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