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List: Sunday Reading




Some Sunday’s you just need to take one for the team and get stuff done.  I went on a major grocery shopping haul earlier today and am in the process of cleaning and organizing.  Not so relaxing, but so needed.

If this is you, it’s time you took a break!  Here’s some reading for you to enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

  1. I think you all liked my reading recommendations!  I also got some great book recs from you that I can’t wait to start.  Here’s some more Summer Reading recommendations if you’re interested.
  2. Can we make Jello Shots fancy?  Or should we consult a frat guy first?  Let me know.
  3. Easy work lunches.  I try to pack a lunch every morning and I’m deep into a turkey sandwich rut.  These are helpful!
  4. Number two.  I can’t stop watching!
  5. How will I get rich?  Apparently by saving my money and spending wisely.  Super boring.

And bonus: I’m breathing this song right now.  If you want to be free, be free!


Happy Sunday friends.  Relax today, tackle tomorrow!

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