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List: Sunday Reading


Sundays are for relaxing.  Luxuriating, which happens to be the word of the weekend for our trip up in Boston, is what Sunday’s are all about.

Use some of that luxuriating time today to catch up on some reading.  Here’s what I found particularly interesting this week:

1. Here’s how you know you aren’t being true to yourself.  This one hit home, but in a good way.  So much truth there.

2. I got my hair colored yesterday for the first time since I had those streaky blonde highlights that everyone had in high school.  This was my inspiration, and while it’s definitely not that light, I’m very happy with it!

3. Do you know about capsule wardrobes?  Caroline, who just started her Summer capsule, has it down.  If you’re interested, she’s got great tips and helpful tools to get you there.  Plus, her style is on point.

4. All I want right now is shrimp and spice.  I think it’s the hot weather.  I can’t get enough and this will be dinner this week.

5. 24 hours in Dallas–I’m always looking for lists like this!  It looks like a lovely time.

Have a relaxing Sunday, friends!

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