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Welcome!  You’ve found  However you got here, I’m sure glad you stopped by and can’t wait to share all of the things with you that inspire me. was born out of a desire to write stories.  While I’ve been sharing my stories on the internet for about four years now, most of those stories were centered around food and teaching myself how to cook.  I still love to write about food, but I have found myself wanting to write about other things that inspire and excite me but not really knowing how.  Enter,  Here I’ll be sharing all of the ins and outs of my life–the little things that inspire me, the food I make, and the funny things my cat does.  I know you’re all thrilled about more cat stories.

Here’s how it works: each post will be filed into categories and will start with a verb; See Hatsie Cook, See Hatsie Travel, See Hatsie DIY, See Hatsie Read, etc.

Still here?  Good.  Let me show you around!

On the home page you’ll find recent posts, pages that will tell you a little bit about myself and how to contact me, social media contact information, and archives and categories.

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My goal is to provide a clean design that is refreshing, calming, and easy to navigate.  That said, you’ll find a lead picture and a little excerpt of each post on the left hand side of the page, with navigation tools on the right.  You can search archives by month, or you can search a specific category by clicking the key word.





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You can navigate between pages and learn more about myself under “About Hatsie.”

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You can also get my contact information under “Contact Hatsie.”





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You can find popular posts on the left side too.

If you are a reader from Two Recipes, Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!  You’ll find that most of the posts from that site were transferred over here and given a facelift to fit into the new look I’m creating.  If you’re favorite recipe is missing, just let me know!

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Change isn’t easy for me, and while this feels like the right move, four years of doing things one way is not something to overlook.  I appreciate your encouragement and kind words during the last few months of downtime.  I’m excited to see how this new home will grow and change and I hope you are too.



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