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Party: Holidays with the Haleys

It’s mid-January and the time when I try my very hardest not to sink into what I like to call the January Slumps.  It’s hard to come down from all of that holiday merriment at the end of the year, and to ease some of that angst, I’m looking back.

From a very delightful Thanksgiving at Aunt Joan’s, the first of many that I actually helped with the cooking, to a multitude of Christmas celebrations with different combinations of family all across the Northeast (seriously, like 4 different celebrations.  It was a very merry year).

Here’s what my Holiday season looked like.

Lots and lots of food at Thanksgiving.

Post-Dinner.  It’s necessary to lay flat.
Christmas started by celebrating with K and our tiny little tree, which I miss terribly, and some bloody Marys.
Then it was on the road with my parents and AJ for a #CasinoChristmas in Atlantic City.  We stopped in Philadelphia for a night, then spent a couple of days in AC.  It was lovely–I read 3 books and had a massage while I was there.  That’s my kind of vacation.

What we deemed “Haley Family Christmas” was actually three days after “The Rest of the World Christmas” and it started with AJ’s cinnamon rolls and stockings.  Then we opened presents, one at a time, because that’s how we’ve always done it.  Christmas traditions are funny that way, aren’t they?

A wine cooler for all of that wine I’m going to learn about.

It was a great holiday season, with more than enough food, family, and fun to last me well into the January slumps.

What did your Holiday season look like?  Tell me!

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