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List: 27 Things I know at 27

Today is my 27th birthday and boy is it a good one.  I’ve been showered with love and I’m feeling every minute of it.  I’m bringing you a list of things I know to be true about myself and my world after 27 years on this earth.  It’s short, it’s incomplete, and it’s good for me.

Here I go.

27 Things I Know at 27

1. I don’t know a lot.  I know a little about a lot, but I that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what I want and need to learn.
2. Cut flowers brighten a room until they die, and then they can’t be thrown away fast enough.
3. Pizza is always good.  Always.
4. If you don’t feel good, go to the doctor.  Especially if you don’t feel good for a really long time.  Then really go to the doctor.
5. I crave creativity like I crave caffeine.  I’m grumpy if I don’t have it.
6. Sibling friendships are a gift.  I’m so lucky my brother is mine.  I’m also so lucky that my sister-in-law is mine.
7. I need sleep.  An aptitude test in high school told me this, and an early morning after too few hours told me this too.
8. Travel is vital.  I find nothing more inspiring than being in a new place.
9. The world is basically a good place.  Take a look at how well we merge in traffic when a lane ends–that’s evidence that we’re basically good people who can work together.
10. Friendships need to be cared for.  I can always be better at this.
11. Work hard and with respect.  You know that saying “Whatever you are, be a good one?”  Do that.
12. Share your skills.  We’re all uniquely good at something, so share that.  We’d be well on our way to working on No. 1.
13. Celebrate the people you love with the people you love.  Birthdays are fun, as are anniversaries, promotions, goal-getting, and personal wins.
14. Nothing is better than coffee, but tea is nicer to my stomach.
15. Having a plan is good and necessary, as is having the flexibility to throw that plan out the window and move to Pennsylvania.  Or, you know, whatever you have going on.
16. There is no shame in being the first one on the dance floor at a wedding.  After the bride and groom have had their moment, of course.  Someone has to be first!
17. You teach people how to treat you.  Also, boring people are bored.  (Gems from my mother).
18. It’s important to operate on the assumption that people are acting with goodwill.  It’s also important to let it go when that assumption proves to be wrong.
19. There’s this guy and he’s cute and makes me laugh.  I know this to be true and I think that’s pretty stellar.
20.  I forget things, and so I have systems.  Lists, counting, retracing my steps, and asking for help are what keep me together.  That’s ok.
21. I think it’s impossible to be tense around horses and cats.  They sense it and will move away from you.  Cats are smaller than horses, though, so there’s that.
22. There’s an art to laying around all day.  I’m really good at this.
23. There’s also an art to getting things done.  I could use some work in this realm sometimes.
24. Being outside is good for the soul.  Taking a walk, breathing fresh air, and turning your face to the sun can do wonders inside your brain.
25. There are no better cheerleaders in the sidelines of my life than my parents.  How cool is that?
26. I’ll always think that the 90s were 10 years ago.  I think it’s because I was a kid in the 90s, and I feel like I was a kid 10 years ago.  We’ll see if this goes away (I don’t think it will).
27. This life we live is full of excitement, fear, some sadness, a lot of goodness, beauty, flavor, and kittens.  We have the whole planet to discover.  This is overwhelming sometimes, and exciting sometimes.  Today I choose exciting!
I certainly don’t know it all, but those are 27 things I do know.  Enjoy!

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