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List: Summer Recipe Round-Up

We’re deep in the throws of Summer.  Are you running out of ways to make dinner quick and fresh?  Not to worry, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Summer dishes that are sure to get you in and out of the kitchen in no time and sure to use up all those fresh veggies that are so abundant now.

Grilled salmon with warm potato salad.  Perfect if you are overrun with fresh herbs right now.

Toasted Greek Panzanella.  All the virtue of a summer salad, but with BREAD.

Baked Greek chicken meatballs with homemade tzatziki.  To go along with that salad, and also because  that tzatziki sauce is everything Summer should be.

Crispy quesadilla burgers.  For a twist on a classic.

Buttermilk brined Old Bay wings with white barbecue sauce.  Because crispy skin.  That alone should convince you.

Slow cooker balsamic barbecue pulled chicken.  Completely hands off and completely delicious.

Chili lime roasted shrimp.  Light, fast, and zippy.  It’s the perfect Summer dinner.

Shredded seasoned chicken tostadas.  With lots of crunchy, cold lettuce and lots of lime juice.

Crunchy creamy broccoli slaw.  No cooking required and perfect with pretty much anything.

Creamy lemon pasta with spinach.  For an elegant meal that can still be thrown together in under 20 minutes.

Baked tilapia with corn salsa.  All the fun of a Mexican dinner without all the heaviness.

Grilled barbecue lamb sliders with homemade orange bourbon barbecue sauce.  Sliders are mini and mini is fun.

Avocado crab salad sandwiches on warm buttered rolls.  The perfect lunch for a beach or lake day.

Zucchini and tomato rice gratin.  Because tomatoes and zucchinis are everywhere right now.  Use them up!

With all these great ideas, your dinner, lunch, or picnic table will be full of food and consequently full of people.  They’ll flock, for sure.  Happy Summer, dear friends!  Get in the kitchen, but not for long because it’s super sunny out and it won’t last for long.

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